Michael Bisping wants retirement UFC fight vs. Rashad Evans

Michael Bisping hopes for one final fight against Rashad Evans in the United Kingdom. Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping insists he wants his retirement fight to be against Rashad Evans in England this year.

Bisping, who last fought against Kelvin Gastelum back in November 2017, beat Luke Rockhold for the middleweight belt back in June 2016.

But while there has been speculation that he could be in for a third fight against Rockhold, Bisping, 39, denied those claims and said he's eyeing a bout with Evans instead.

"I want to fight in England," Bisping said. "It's a shame I'm not fighting this weekend [at UFC Fight Night London]. I was supposed to fight Rashad Evans, it never happened, we couldn't get the deal right.

"It has to be right for the UFC, it has to be right for me. We couldn't agree to terms this time, no hard feelings, but hopefully down the line we make it happen.

"I am very busy outside the octagon. I've got a lot of acting projects going on. Life's good. It's a little easier on screen than taking them [punches] for real. And I'm 39. I can't do it forever, but in the UK one more [fight], that does sound nice."

With UFC London taking place on March 17, there is unlikely to be another UFC card in the capital until next year. However, Bisping would prefer to fight this year rather than wait for the next London event.

"If it's 2019, I'll be 40 then. It's got to be sometime soon," Bisping said. "Maybe this summer, we'll see. If I walk away now... obviously I don't want to walk away on a loss.

"I was offered a couple of fights in different countries, but that doesn't excite me. I'd like my final fight to be in England. If I can be tempted by a good offer, then I'll do it."