MLG Pro Sitdown: Mad Max



Oh, Canada!

The country is responsible for some big stars. Avril Lavigne, Pam Anderson, Keanu Reeves, Stevie Nash and, of course, the great Neil Young. Who am I leaving out?

Mad Max, of course!

He's MLG's newest pro, and as someone born across the lake from America's hat, I'm excited to hear the long A's and the deep O's. Don't cha know, eh Bucko?

If he says that, everyone gets free copies of the secret "Halo 4" disc I have that nobody knows about. Guess you'll have to read to find out.

Mad Max is arguably the top Canadian player on the MLG Pro Circuit. He made his name in 2007 at the MLG Canada FFA, when he placed second place to Legit. His squad, End Result, finished 14th in Meadowlands, earning Mad Max pro status for the first time in, what can now be officially called, his "Halo" career.

As far as I'm concerned, he has the best name in MLG. Maybe the best name in all of Canada. Mad Max, King of the Thunder Dome. Who wants to mess with that?

So without further ado, we bring to you ... Mad Max.

TheBuckStuff: Mad Max, in the house! Can't lie, I didn't know much about you. When I tried to do my research, all I got was info on the Thunder Dome. (Laughs)

Mad Max:
(Laughs) Yeah. Everyone asks if that's where I got my name.

TBS: When you Google Mad Max and MLG, you get this YouTube interview of you and some guy that looks like Andy Milonakis. It's ridiculous. How'd you come up with that name?

Mad Max:
On PlayStation, you can make profiles before every game, and mine was Max. I couldn't beat this one game and I kept trying. I was so mad. Then I found out the trick was to make a new saved game and overwrite it. Some kind of glitch. My friends said I should name my new profile Mad Max.

TBS: When did the new Mad Max jump from the PlayStation to the Xbox?

Mad Max:
I used to play "Halo 1" for fun. Rockets on Boarding Action was my game! But I never took it seriously. I played a lot of Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation so I got into tactical shooting games. I traded in my PS2 for Xbox as soon as "Halo 2" came out and I totally forgot about PlayStation after that.

TBS: What do you do other than "Halo?" Besides race motorcycles in the desert and fight people in the Thunder Dome, of course.

Mad Max:
I'm a student. I go to high school and am trying to graduate at the moment. I read a lot and I also work part time on weekends at a call center. And no, I'm not a telemarketer! I work for a Pizza company. It's good work and it's easy so I can do homework on the side if it's slow.

TBS: You should bring in an Xbox!

Mad Max:
(Laughs) I contemplated bringing in an Xbox, but I'm not sure my managers would like that too much.

TBS: You're most well known for being Canada's best in "Halo." Do the American guys give you a lot of crap?

Mad Max:
Everyone does! I was telling you before the interview how the Carbon guys are good friends. Well, they still give me so much crap. You know, abut my connection, or about how I'm limited to just being good. All sorts of jokes.

TBS: Who is your biggest Canadian rival?

Mad Max:
I don't really have one. The MLG Canada community is pretty bad. In the American MLG, people hate on each other, but a good proportion of people get along. In the Canadian community, they just hate each other. I can't really rival against a Canadian guy because he's trying to get out of this like I am. I'd rather rival against an American person, no offense!

TBS: Don't tell that to Steve Nash. Who would be your biggest American rival?

Mad Max:
(Laughs) I don't know if I would call them rivals, but there are guys I gun out for at tournaments. When they knock me out, I feel like crap, so I go after them more. One would be the old Status Quo guys, especially Flamesword. Him and I have quite the chemistry. We get along well but he knows I want to beat him. The other person would be Legit. That goes back to MLG Canada's "Halo 2" event in 2007. It was a free-for-all and I was nipping at his heels. He got first and I got second.

Dobbs The MLG Canada community is pretty bad. In the American MLG, people hate on each other, but a good proportion of people get along. In the Canadian community, they just hate each other. I can't really rival against a Canadian guy because he's trying to get out of this like I am. I'd rather rival against an American person, no offense!

-- Mad Max

TBS: Tell me about this MLG Canadian Open in 2007, where you sort of got your start, right? Shockwave said there was some interesting tactics going on!

Mad Max:
I was a nobody before that. I practiced for myself. In "Halo 2," I didn't have an established team so I paid more attention to FFA and got my individual skill up. I was playing ridiculous, getting so many kills. I won't name names, but some people were giving kills and boosting scores. There was a little bit of cheating going on.

TBS: When Shockwave told me to ask, I figured it involved you. No?

Mad Max:
I definitely wasn't involved. Since the beginning, I've just played legit.

TBS: Speaking of, who, besides Legit, did you face in that FFA?

Mad Max:
There were four Americans and four Canadians. Me, Silent, my teammate Moniz and Dark Scorpion were the Canadians. The four Americans were Legit, StrongSide, Naded and ... I forgot. Oh, Walshy.

TBS: You forgot the Walsh Man? He's the old one who should be losing his memory, not you. You forgot an icon, dude.

Mad Max:
I know, I know. He was sitting right beside me. I don't know how that happened. I played against all the other top pros though through FFA rounds. The Ogres, Neighbor, everyone.

TBS: Your next big moment in "Halo" came in Meadowlands. You must still be stoked. How'd you do it?

Mad Max:
The new point system gave us the advantage, but we had a good team. We made some team changes before the event, which I thought would affect us, but turned out good. We won by teamwork and teamshot, and we really didn't have much strategy. That's why I'm looking forward to Columbus, when we'll actually have some strategy.

TBS: There are a lot of folks out there that are in your old position -- really good players that can't quite make it into the pro ranks. What's the secret sauce for making that big step to pro?

Mad Max:
I learned I had to stay positive. I was very negative. The whole Mad Max name-making was from anger and negativity. I had to let that go and become a positive person. I kept playing my game. I knew I had the skill.

TBS: How did you celebrate when you achieved pro in Meadowlands? Did you stand on top of the Statue of Liberty and scream "Victory!" like Johnny Drama?

Mad Max:
(Laughs) No, I didn't celebrate much at all. First of all, I had to get right back home because some of us had work and school on Monday. But whenever I accomplish something, I always set my aims higher next time. I don't celebrate as much. I celebrated by thinking about Columbus. In Meadowlands, we wanted Top 8 really bad. I think we can do it in Columbus.

TBS: Shockwave gave me some questions to ask you. One of which, you just kind of answered. He wanted to know how you think you'll do in Columbus.

Mad Max:
I don't want to set a number, but Top 8 at the minimum. After you make it into the Pro Bracket, you realize it's not a difference so much in skill, but outsmarting the other team and using teamwork.

TBS: Shockwave also wanted to know if being Canadian is a disability in "Halo" that you are born with.

Mad Max:
(Laughs) Like I said before, they still pick on me for being Canadian for no reason. I'm going to have to say "No comment" for that one. Nice one, Shockwave.

TBS: Last, he wanted to know your feelings towards European players? (Laughs)

Mad Mad:
Oh my god. I have nothing against European players. I think it's great that "Halo" is all around the world. But European players on Xbox Live when I'm trying to game hard? I hate it. Whenever I play with Shockwave, whether it's 6 p.m. our time and they shouldn't be on, or any other time in the middle of the night, it's just ridiculous. You can't play "Halo" because their host is so ridiculous and their connection is so bad. It's frustrating.

TBS: Who should I interview next week?

Mad Max:
You mean, who should I toss into the Thunder Dome? (Laughs) I think I'm going to throw in one of my rivals. Gilkey from Ambush. He's an ex-teammate, but now on the seventh-seeded Ambush after Meadowlands. I want to see what happened in his mind and what made him switch teams. I think he's a ridiculous player, but I want to know.

TBS: Sounds good. I need three questions.

Mad Max:
Ask him, How was your experience teaming with us? What were his thoughts after meadowlands? And what does he think of End Result? I just feel like it's a personal thing. I want to know why he left. He doesn't want to talk with me, so I have to drag it out of him! (Laughs) He is a ridiculous player and does some of the flashiest things in "Halo 3." He's a young Snipedown.

TBS: Shoutout time!

Mad Max:
Shoutouts to my boys Venom and Carnage, my best friends. And my friend Reid, who helps me game hard. And my teammates. I wouldn't be anywhere without them. And to all of Canada! Keep gaming hard and quit complaining for God's sake!

Join me next week when I sit down with Gilkey from team Ambush. And props to MyBRizHostile for sending in a sick forged ESPN screengrab. Hit up TheBuckStuff on Xbox Live with your feedback!