MLG Pro Sitdown: Defy



"I just owned Legit!! AHHH!! OWNED!!! SUCKA!!!"

This was me, two days ago, while I was working some fools online (lie), who, like all super cool kids on Xbox Live, creatively named themselves after MLG pros.

So what if I really just 7-shotted some wanna-be named TuLegit12345678?

Sad. You're right. If you're like me, you are seriously craving the real thing. And, again, if you're like me, you can't wait until tomorrow, when the real Legit squares off at 9 p.m. ET!

IT'S TOURNEY TIME BABY! TuLegit12345678 and I will be glued to our monitors.

Not only does Legit and Str8 Rippin play tomorrow night, but another all-time great team plays as well -- Carbon. And who do we have for today's sitdown? How convenient! Carbon's newest member, Defy.

After a poor showing in Meadowlands, Defy was dropped by Karma and Naded, only to land on the higher seeded Carbon squad. He spent the last week in Walshy's basement, chugging Red Bulls and LANing against Instinct.

Yup, you know, the Instinct LAN with the top secret scores. Well, they aren't secret for long, folks. Read on.

And then get some rest. Tomorrow night needs your A-game.

Without further ado, we bring to you ... Defy.

TheBuckStuff: Why did the Gilk Man toss to you this week?

To get the LAN scores out of me. That's definitely his reason.

TBS: Yeah, you guys are all secretive about that. What gives?

We just wanted to mess with everyone. (Laughs)

TBS: You were successful! Dude, you're an O.G. You've played with everybody. All the old school guys like Fonzi and Foulacy, plus all the current veterans like T2, StrongSide, Shockwave, Naded, and I could go on. Who was your favorite teammate?

Oh, man. A few. Vash, Mack, T2, Foulacy and Strongside. Lots of 'em.

TBS: Alright, well who was the worst to play with?

(Laughs) Tough one! This one could piss some people off. To be honest, I didn't like gaming with Naded and Karma in Meadowlands. I like them both as people, but their outlook on the game rubbed me the wrong way. I wouldn't team with Karma again. It was just weird. He wouldn't go over strats or anything. Him and Naded had all these weird rituals when we practiced, like they would pull out their mics and wouldn't talk to me or BestMan. They said it was so they could concentrate. And the way it melted down after the tournament wasn't fun. Like, how they were holding it all over my and BestMan's head and how they told us they'd get back to us.

TBS: They'd get back to you regarding ...?

After the tournament, they said, "We'll watch VoD and decide if we want to team with you still." Those were their exact words. I told them to decide by the next day, otherwise I was going to leave. They said that they needed to wait and watch, so BestMan joined Ambush and I joined Classic.

TBS: There was talk after Meadowlands about the overall lack of practice time. Why?

I'll take a lot of the blame. As far as scrimming teams, we probably practiced twice. I mean, the whole "mics out" thing … I was just really frustrated. I didn't want to practice until we started practicing strats or with mics. So I played WoW everyday. Part of it was me losing my drive and being an idiot. I've done that almost every opener. I get frustrated and feel like I'm going to quit. Then I get to the tournament, see everyone playing, and I get the competitive drive back.

TBS: According to Ghost, you've been an absolute beast lately. Is "Halo 2" Defy back?

I'm definitely better than I was in "Halo 2." I'm comfortable now. It's a lot easier to be comfortable on Carbon. I've never had a team that was so well practiced. They are all smart guys and we know what we need to do, we just need to get it done. Last year, I teamed with good people, but we never had organization or strats.

TBS: You've always been known for having a ridiculous battle rifle. What makes your BR so good?

Honestly, it's more about positioning and moving around the map than it is aiming. Everyone in the Top 8 has good aim. But if I'm in a fight, it's going to be on my terms.

TBS: Give me an example on, say, Pit?

On Pit, you don't want to try to fight from your Courtyard when they are on your Training Ramp. It's ridiculously hard. On the other side, if you're on Ramp and someone challenges you from Courtyard, it's easy. You need to know when to fight and when to run away.

TBS: How'd you get picked up by Carbon?

Pretty funny story. I was in Detroit with BestMan and Soldier practicing with Classic. It had been two days and we heard Soviet left Carbon. I said to BestMan, "How funny would it be if they called me and asked me to join?" We kept talking about who they'd pick up that night. The next morning, we woke up and I had a text from Anarchy and Ghost. So yeah, I had the awkward job of leaving teammates while still at their house. (Laughs)

TBS: (Laughs) Yeah, that had to be weird ...

It's another one of those things. Nothing against any of those guys. They are all good players and I'm really good friends with BestMan. It's just when you get a call from established players that have been at the top and have done consistently well -- especially the team that just got 8th by whooping mine and BestMan's butts -- it's hard not to jump on that chance. It was really about 5 minutes of thinking for me. (Laughs)

TBS: Ironic how it worked out, huh? You basically get dumped by the The New Order, which at first is a crappy feeling, but then you get upgraded to a 5th-seeded team. Solid!

Yep. It's the first or second time I've ever been dropped from a team. Even on Str8 in '06, I left them to team with StrongSide. It was kind of a ball buster. I see why they did it. I wasn't dedicated after the tournament. How are you going to keep someone that had 5 months to prepare for a tournament and then wasn't prepared?

TBS: Good question. How'd you convince Carbon?

That's the thing. I didn't have to do any convincing. They just called me. I mean, I think they were considering some other guys as well, but they asked me.

TBS: Who else were they considering?

I know they were considering StrongSide, but he told them he couldn't do it because he put so much time into Status Quo and wanted to stick with them.

TBS: I know you guys are all zip-lipped, but tell us about this damn Instinct LAN! Sounds like you guys had a good time. The people want to know!

The LAN was from Friday to Wednesday. We played 110 games, averaging three series a day, except on Tuesday since we were burned out. The scores were 60-49 with one tie. Instinct won. We got a lot of god practice, though.

TBS: Did you just reveal the super secret scores?

(Laughs) Yeah, my teammates told me to let you know in the interview.

TBS: Nice!

The LAN went back and forth. The first day, we hadn't practiced much at all. I think they beat us 8-3, 8-3, and 7-4 on the first day. The next day, we did the same thing to them -- 8-3, 8-3, and 7-4. The last day, we were up two games, and they pulled away in the last series by beating us by 11 games or something like that.

TBS: How was the LAN outside of gaming?

Dave took us by the Kiaeneto workshop and gave us all a bunch of free clothes. And every night after we played, we'd watch the NBA Playoffs.

TBS: Who'd you cheer for?

Anarchy is a big Kobe fan, so he's worn off on me a little bit and I cheered for Kobe.

TBS: I'd like to see Kobe and Stanly from The Office play 1-on-1. Could be epic. Anyway, Gilkey had some questions for you. He wants to know how you left BestMan.

It was tough to leave BestMan. Him and I are really close. Over the years, I've developed a rep for making bad decisions based off friendship. A few times, I've teamed with friends, like Vash and Mack, for example, rather than better my situation. I told BestMan, "You know there is no way I can't join this team." He told me, "Dude, you have to join. I would, too. It's your first real chance." It was tough, but we still talk a lot. Not like anything was damaged.

TBS: Gilkey also asked how do you like your new squad.

It's really easy to get along with my teammates. They are all really chill guys. Shockwave is a really funny and Anarchy and Ghost are just fun to be around. They're real sarcastic a-holes. (Laughs)

TBS: Who should I interview next week?

Interview Lunchbox. Ask him what it's like being in the shadow of his twin brother. Ask him what it's like teaming with Walshy after coming into the 07 season as online randoms. I mean, they were outside looking in, and now they get to team with the all-time most successful player, Walshy. Last, just ask who is better, him or Roy.

TBS: Shoutout time!

All the Maryland kids, my whole team, and BestMan. Oh, and hey Carbon fans, check out our team hats in Columbus!

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