'Madden 10': The Not-So-A Team

Madden NFL 10

When EA Sports producers said that they were dropping the "Madden" ratings of certain players to implement a wider scale, thereby better separating the superstars from the players who might be working at Home Depot later this year, man, they weren't kidding.

So I decided to scan the rosters of every team and a list of available free agents to find the lowest-rated players by position to create the worst possible "Madden" team in history (at least according to "Madden NFL 10"). Here is the lineup:

Most embarrassing stat: 28 rating for Deep Throw Accuracy.

If your receiver is running a route longer than 20 yards, you might as well just hand the ball to a defender. Martin throws so much to the wrong team in "Madden," it's like he's color-blind.

Most embarrassing stat: 36 rating for Elusiveness.

When you're a running back and your elusiveness rating is two points worse than Matthias Askew's (Broncos DT) you have serious issues.

Most embarrassing stat: 19 rating for Throwing Power.

How does Williams get a 19 while someone like Brad Hoover gets a 35 for the same category? Was there a fullback throw-off I missed in the offseason?

Most embarrassing stat: 40 rating for Awareness.

With that kind of Awareness rating, I'm surprised he even remembers to bring his helmet to the game.

Most embarrassing stat: 12 rating for Hit Power.

Couldn't knock out Glass Joe. Also, same Hit rating as kicker Nick Novak (see below).

Most embarrassing stat: 21 rating for Stiff Arm.

The lowest Stiff Arm rating by far among tight ends. By comparison, Charlie Frye has a 22 Stiff Arm rating, and you know how many times you've seen him shove defenders to the ground while running to glory.

Most embarrassing stat: Bell's 68 rating for Pass Block Strength.

Might as well give him a red cape to wave as defensive players bull-rush their way for the sack.

Most embarrassing stat: Velasco's 10 rating for Tackle.

If there is an interception, Velasco has a better chance of tripping in front of the defender to knock him down than actually getting his hands on the ball carrier.

Most embarrassing stat: 25 rating for Jump.

Don't ever ask him to join your Double Dutch team.

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