'NCAA Basketball 10': 5 Things to Know

There isn't a sport more desperate for a video game makeover than college basketball. In fact, it can be argued that EA Sports is still trying to "catch up" to the best college hoops game ever made, "Coach K." Only problem is, that game was published more than ten years ago, and if you're trying to play "catch up" to a decade-plus-old experience, well, that says a lot about your product over the past few years.

But according to "NCAA Basketball 10" line producer Connor Dougan, all of that is about to change. While EA actually made great strides with the 09 version, it's "NCAA Basketball 10" that he says will finally make the college franchise feel fresh, "and not just play like a pro game with college uniforms."

How will Dougan and the crew at EA accomplish this?

We present the five things EA wants gamers to know about the upcoming title as they hope to finally develop the definitive college basketball gaming experience.

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