WNBA scores high on Racial and Gender Report Card

The WNBA received an A-plus grade for race, and an A grade for gender, in the Racial and Gender Report Card, which was issued Wednesday by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida.

League president Lisa Borders, who is African-American, took over in April. She leads a league office professional-level staff that is 69.6 percent female, and 26.1 percent people of color. There are five women CEOs/presidents of teams, and two of color (two fewer than in 2015). There are six women and two African-American general managers.

The league has the same number of African-American head coaches as it did in 2015 (three of 12), and five women coaches (one fewer).

Of players, 68.5 percent are African-American or black, 24.5 percent are white, 3.5 percent are Latina, and 2.8 percent are listed as "other." There is one Asian-American player, and 16.2 percent of the league is made up of international players.

"Led by new president Lisa Borders, the WNBA continues to lead the way in terms of racial and gender diversity amongst all professional leagues," said Richard Lapchick, the director of TIDES and primary author of the report. "The WNBA again received the highest number of A's as well as the lowest number of grades below an A in all categories compared to men's professional leagues."

It is the 12th year in a row that the WNBA has received at least A's for its race, gender and combined grades.