espnW's first-round mock draft

With the proximity of the NCAA tournament and the WNBA draft (ESPN2, 8 p.m. ET Monday), the question always arises: How much does that event matter in player evaluation?

"I do think that you have to go for the overall body of work of a player," Washington coach Mike Thibault said. "I don't think you can necessarily cross a player off or add a player because of the tournament. You try to see if their tournament validates what you've seen."

That said, some players' stock does rise on strong NCAA tournament performances -- but for the most part, they are players who were already on the WNBA coaches' radar.

"You can probably go more backward [on the draft board] with tournament play than you can go forward," New York coach Bill Laimbeer said. "But there are occasions where somebody moves up one, two, or three spots.

"Especially in the way the draft is this year, where so many of the middle-range players -- anywhere from 4 to 16 -- are pretty muddled together. It's a matter of what skill level or position player some of the teams need."

With that in mind, here's our take on how the draft's first round might play out.