Experts look back, forward

Before the bracket is unveiled and before the Madness really begins, ESPN.com's experts checked in with their picks for the national awards and NCAA Tournament predictions.

Some of the picks might end up impossible, depending on which teams wind up in the same region Sunday. But that's why they call it guesswork. Check out our picks, then make your own.

Note: * Based on regular-season performances; ^ Based on regular-season race; + Team riding great momentum into NCAA Tournament; ~ Highly ranked team that seems to have lost momentum.

Nancy Lieberman, Stacey Dales-Schuman and Beth Mowins are regular contributors to ESPN.com and analysts for ESPN's women's college basketball telecasts. Mechelle Voepel is an ESPN.com columnist, while Melanie Jackson coordinates ESPN.com's women's basketball coverage. Charlie Creme has predicted the women's NCAA bracket the past two seasons for ESPN.com.