ESPN.com's top five at each position


What's more difficult than finding a flaw in Maya Moore's game? Getting four people to agree on the top five players at each position in women's college basketball. But we crunched the numbers (over and over, as Mechelle Voepel details the process, which took some tinkering after learning North Carolina's Jessica Breland will likely redshirt). Defending champion UConn and Stanford each have three representatives, while Gonzaga, Ohio State and Xavier each put two players on the lists. The player listed first below was voted the top player at her position, as determined by a panel consisting of ESPN.com's Voepel, Graham Hays, Charlie Creme and Melanie Jackson. The other four honorees are listed alphabetically.

The following players received at least one vote from our contributors: Angie Bjorklund, Tennessee; Allyssa DeHaan, Michigan State; Tyra Grant, Penn State; Rachele Fitz, Marist; JJ Hones, Stanford; Ashley Houts, Georgia; Glory Johnson, Tennessee; Allison Lacey, Iowa State; Jene Morris, San Diego State; Nnemkadi Ogwumike, Stanford; Brittainey Raven, Texas; Angel Robinson, Georgia; Jenna Smith, Illinois; Helena Sverridottir, TCU; Kalee Whipple, Utah.