Expert picks: Breaking down the bracket

Now that we know the field of 64, what do espnW's Charlie Creme, Graham Hays and Mechelle Voepel think about the bracket? Some quick analysis:

Hardest region

Creme: Lexington

Hays: Lexington

Voepel: Lexington

Easiest region

Creme: Bridgeport

Hays: Bridgeport

Voepel: Bridgeport

Best first-round game

Creme: (7) BYU vs. (10) Missouri

Hays: (7) Tennessee vs. (10) Green Bay

Voepel: (7) Tennessee vs. (10) Green Bay

Best potential second-round game

Creme: (7) Tennessee vs. (2) Arizona State in Tempe

Hays: (5) Florida State vs. (4) Texas A&M

Voepel: (5) Florida State vs. (4) Texas A&M

Team better than its seed

Creme: (5) Florida State

Hays: (8) George Washington

Voepel: (8) George Washington

Team worse than its seed

Creme: (8) Georgia

Hays: (5) Mississippi State

Voepel: (2) Arizona State

Biggest snub

Creme: (10) St. Bonaventure having to travel to Corvallis, Oregon

Hays: Florida Gulf Coast and South Dakota getting left out

Voepel: NC State getting left out

Biggest surprise

Creme: Michigan State in the top-16 seeds

Hays: Princeton's at-large berth

Voepel: South Florida in UConn's region

Possible Cinderella

Creme: (7) BYU

Hays: (6) DePaul

Voepel: (3) Kentucky

First 1-seed to lose

Creme: Baylor

Hays: Notre Dame

Voepel: South Carolina

Most talent in one region

Creme: Lexington

Hays: Sioux Falls

Voepel: Lexington

Under-the-radar player

Creme: Asia Durr, Louisville

Hays: Lexi Rydalch, BYU

Voepel: Myisha Hines-Allen, Louisville

Final Four

Creme: UConn, Louisville, South Carolina, Notre Dame

Hays: UConn, Oregon State, South Carolina, Maryland

Voepel: UConn, Baylor, South Carolina, Notre Dame

Who wins

Creme: UConn over Notre Dame

Hays: UConn over South Carolina

Voepel: UConn over Notre Dame