Baylor projected No. 1 seed in women's tourney

Baylor, Louisville, Notre Dame and UConn are the projected No. 1 seeds in Monday's early reveal from the NCAA women's basketball selection committee.

Two weeks before Selection Monday, the committee revealed the top 16 seeds as of now and the regions in which they would be placed. This could change -- and likely will -- based on the outcomes of conference tournaments, many of which begin this week.

The No. 2 seeds are Oregon, Mississippi State, Stanford and Iowa. The No. 3 seeds: N.C. State, Maryland, Oregon State and South Carolina. And the No. 4 seeds: Miami, Iowa State, Syracuse and Texas A&M.

The regional placement is projected as such:

Albany: UConn, Mississippi State, Oregon State, Miami

Chicago: Louisville, Stanford, Maryland, Iowa State

Greensboro: Baylor, Iowa, N.C. State, Texas A&M

Portland: Notre Dame, Oregon, South Carolina, Syracuse

Teams that are in the top 16 overall host first- and second-round NCAA tournament games, unless there is a scheduling conflict with their arena. South Carolina has a conflict because Colonial Life Arena is one of the men's NCAA tournament's first- and second-round sites. But the Gamecocks have permission to host at Halton Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The ACC leads all conferences among the top 16 seeds with five teams. The Pac-12 has three teams, the SEC three, the Big 12 two, the Big Ten two and the American Athletic Conference one.

The top 16 seeds in order are: 1 Baylor, 2 Louisville, 3 Notre Dame, 4 UConn, 5 Oregon, 6 Mississippi State, 7 Stanford, 8 Iowa, 9 NC State, 10 Maryland, 11 Oregon State, 12 South Carolina, 13 Miami, 14 Iowa State, 15 Syracuse, 16 Texas A&M.

Gonzaga and Marquette were in the first reveal in February, but they have dropped out and have been replaced by Syracuse and Texas A&M.

The NCAA selection show is March 18 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.