Arizona Wildcats irked after omission from NCAA Women's Final Four promotional video

SAN ANTONIO -- Arizona is in its first Women's Final Four, but the Wildcats were feeling left out when they didn't appear in a promotional video for the event that the NCAA posted on Twitter on Thursday.

The video showed clips of South Carolina, Stanford and UConn from Wednesday's photo shoots of the four teams. But no one from Arizona was in the video.

"I rewatched it a couple of times," Arizona senior guard Aari McDonald said. "It was frustrating. I definitely took it as a sign of disrespect."

The NCAA told ESPN that it didn't intend to omit the Wildcats and that when staff realized the error, the video was deleted from Twitter and they apologized to the school. An Arizona spokesman said the apology was sent via direct message to the team's Twitter account, which had questioned the video.

"We will continue to work hard to recognize all four of the Women's Final Four teams for their incredible runs and remarkable seasons," an NCAA spokeswoman said in a statement.

Arizona coach Adia Barnes said of the Wildcats' omission: "Those are things that get missed, sometimes, and shouldn't be. Because there are four teams that have worked really hard to get here. Stuff like that shouldn't happen."