Kansas State offers free bacon

Hoping to lure students to its women's basketball opener, Kansas State wanted to offer a giveaway that the kids couldn't refuse.

Free bacon!

The school announced the promotion on its Twitter feed Tuesday, with the plan to have its concessionaire, Sodexo, cook 100 pounds of bacon that would be served to students an hour before the game.

"We wanted to do something food-related to make a splash," Kansas State athletics spokesman Randy Peterson told ESPN.com on Wednesday morning. "We've done free pizza before, but every college kid has access to pizza. It's a little harder to get bacon."

But the promotion garnered so much attention, Kansas State wants to make sure every student who attends gets the promised boat of bacon -- a paper container that will be filled to the top with bacon.

"Due to demand and the activity on social media, the bacon order has now increased from 100 pounds to 300 pounds," Peterson said.

Peterson said the increased order is expected to feed about 750 people. All students get free admission to women's basketball games with a student ID.

The program is trying to learn from a mistake it made on Dec. 28, 2004, when it offered $1 hot dogs during a basketball game against Rutgers. So many fans took advantage of the promotion that they ran out before the end of the first half, Peterson said.

Kansas State, which plays Tennessee State on Friday, has ranked among the top 35 schools in women's basketball attendance for the past 12 seasons.