RG III has Brittney Griner's back

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who played collegiately at Baylor, took to Twitter on Sunday night to defend Lady Bears center Brittney Griner after her top-seeded team was upset by No. 5 Louisville in the NCAA tournament.

Griffin, a strong supporter of the women's basketball team since his playing days at Baylor, took offense to Louisville's style of play and perceived criticism of Griner, who was 4-of-10 from the field and scored 14 points -- far below her average of 33 in the first two games of the tournament. She also had 10 rebounds.

In a series of tweets, Griffin said he couldn't calm down after the game and that "them girls were LITERALLY throwing elbows, slaps ..." and that "for every (3-pointer) they made, they threw 6 elbows, 5 straight lefts, 4 right hooks ... 3 roundhouse kicks, 2 jumping knees, & 1 superman punch at B. Griner's abdominals. Aiming for her face but couldn't reach ..."

Griffin tweeted that "there's a difference in being physical and fighting."

He added "To those who are mad and lose respect for me because I support my school and support my friends ... I would rather have the guts to stand up for them, then to have that respect for sitting down & saying nothing."

Griffin attended last year's Final Four in Denver, where Baylor won the national title behind Griner.

After Sunday's loss, Griner's coach, Kim Mulkey, said: "I thought the game started out way too physical, way too physical. I thought that all three of [the officials], if they go past this round of officiating, it will be sad for the game."

Griner and Baylor were considered a lock for at least the Final Four, if not a second straight national championship. The Lady Bears had won 32 straight games and 74 of their past 75 contests.

"I'm just sad," Griner said after the game. "I didn't do what I needed to do to get my team to the Elite Eight and just disappointment in myself."