AJ Styles holds unanimous No. 1 spot in ESPN WWE Power Rankings

AJ Styles career took off like a rocket after his SummerSlam victory over John Cena, and there doesn't seem to be much standing in the way of his continued upward momentum. Nick Laham for ESPN

It's one thing to reach the No. 1 spot in any rankings system, but its an entirely different accomplishment to be the unanimous selection for that lofty position. Such is the fate of AJ Styles this week, who received top billing on each and every WWE on ESPN contributor's ballot as he strengthened his grip on the No. 1 spot.

The panelists -- including writers Brian Campbell, Peter Rosenberg, Arash Markazi, Tim Fiorvanti, Nic Atkin and Sean Coyle -- submit their top 10 WWE talents, ranked by their perceived value to WWE's on-screen product, to create ESPN's bi-weekly WWE Power Rankings.

Here's the rest of this week's top 10.

Just like Steph Curry earlier this year, there is a case to be made for Styles to be crowned the unanimous "MVP" of professional wrestling in 2016 -- and at the same time, he'd make the list for top 10 most improved. Styles has elevated his game on the mic to complement his almost unrivalled in-ring talent, and his "face that runs the place" moniker couldn't ring truer on Smackdown Live. A victory at No Mercy, after the build to this match, would further strengthen Styles' position, and it will take something special for someone to knock him off the top spot here. (Atkin)

Owens is doing it all and constantly cementing the idea that he belongs on this level. Since winning the WWE Universal championship, he's quickly grown into his role as the "top guy," from dressing in suits, to subtle mannerism changes and personality shifts and an undeniable bravado. His recent partnership with Chris Jericho has only helped both guys, and further accelerated the development and effectiveness of his character. (Campbell)

Despite a rib injury that has kept him out of matches the past couple of weeks, Rollins has shown that he can still make an impact. His one-on-one interview on RAW this week with Michael Cole was well-done, and his interactions with Stephanie McMahon have been outstanding. Though the anti-authority role is not new to the WWE -- perhaps it's well overdone, and has been for some time -- Rollins is making it work, in the way he's made every storyline he's been a part of since joining the WWE work. He can simply do it all. (Coyle)

The Miz has reached rarified air on SmackDown Live, and with the possible exception of AJ Styles, no one has benefited more from the brand separation than he has. Miz took his fate into his own hands on "Talking Smack" and hasn't looked back, crushing it week after week when it comes to promos, matches and whatever else is asked of him. The only thing that could halt his "Never Ending Intercontinental Championship World Tour" would be a loss Sunday that could both reinvigorate Dolph Ziggler and send Miz on to a much-deserved world title feud. (Fiorvanti)

Charlotte loses the title and goes up in the rankings, and that's certainly no accident. The now former two-time Raw women's champion has plenty of ways to go with how things played out on Raw; her ongoing rivalry with Sasha Banks will continue, her continued conflict with protégé Dana Brooke seems to be nearing its inevitable conclusion and you know there's a one-on-one showdown with Bayley coming in the near future. The Raw women's division goes as Charlotte goes. (Rosenberg)

He's still got it. Lots of it, in fact. Cena's recent rant on "Talking Smack", in which he cut down Dean Ambrose and unleashed the kind of verbal barbs that we haven't seen from him since he came out to "Basic Thuganomics" as his entrance theme, should be used as a teaching tool at the WWE Performance Center in a class on how to execute a promo. Whether or not his days as a full-timer are numbered, you know that Cena is going to give it 100 percent every time he's out there. No matter what you think of Cena, that part's undeniably a shoot. (Campbell)

Jericho could be booked to lose every match for the rest of his career and it wouldn't diminish his value. He's genuinely entertaining, can talk with the best of them, can work with the best of them and can elevate anyone who steps into the ring with him. He's already had such an amazing, Hall of Fame-worthy career -- and yet, he might be performing better now than he ever has before. He took an otherwise unwieldy and potentially disastrous interaction with Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher and turned it into another element to his ever-growing "List of Jericho." (Coyle)

In the first women's main event on Monday Night Raw in 12 years, Banks and Charlotte put on another great match, with the best finish of any of the matches in their ongoing conflict so far. I truly care about this feud, and that's a testament to what both of these women can do. The big question that must now be asked is whether or not Sasha can 'walk the walk' and lead as the face of the Raw women's division. (Rosenberg)

This is the role Reigns should have been slotted into two years ago -- a feud for the United States title against a monster heel in Rusev. The damage may already be done with a certain portion of the fanbase, because of WWE's seemingly never-ending battle to get Reigns over as a face, but there have been a lot of positive signs in recent weeks. Reigns and Rusev have a chance to do something special with the U.S. title inside of Hell in a Cell in a few weeks time. (Atkin)

Ambrose may have dropped five spots, but don't let that distract you from the fact that he's had some of the strongest showings of his career in the last few weeks. Between a clean pinfall victory over Cena and elevating his game to keep pace with Styles and Cena in the WWE world championship picture on SmackDown Live, he's had as big a role as his opponents in making Sunday's No Mercy main event a can't-miss affair. (Fiorvanti)

Dropped from rankings: The New Day (10th)

Honorable mention: New Day, Dolph Ziggler, Becky Lynch, Cesaro & Sheamus, Alexa Bliss