When WWE meets MLB: Team-inspired WWE Championship title replicas to launch in 2022

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Another day, another WWE collaboration. This time the professional wrestling monolith is teaming up with Major League Baseball.

What could MLB possibly have to offer WWE, you ask? Team-centric title belt replicas, that's what.

On Thursday, WWE announced a multiyear partnership in which it will create team-inspired WWE Championship replica titles. The belts will feature the logos of all 30 MLB clubs. The merchandise, which will launch in 2022 and be available for all fans to purchase, marks the first official licensing agreement for WWE Championship replica titles between the organization and one of the major U.S. sports leagues.

In addition to the team-branded replica titles, the two sides will collaborate to design and manufacture belts celebrating the league's premier events including the World Series, All-Star Game and Home Run Derby. MLB and WWE will also create custom side plates and Lucha Libre masks with team-specific branding.

Custom WWE Championship title replicas are nothing new -- it's not uncommon to see a champagne-soaked belt make an appearance in a locker room or parade post-victory, as WWE has been sending them to championship-winning franchises for years (it created a Los Angeles Dodgers-inspired belt in 2020, as well as a Washington Nationals-inspired title in 2019). But this is the first time fans can claim one of the commemorative items for themselves.

"We've been continually amazed by the reaction to custom WWE Championship title belts, and we're excited this partnership will allow us to make them widely available to fans," said Kevin Moore, WWE senior vice president, direct-to-consumer Products.

While it hasn't even been 24 hours since news of the partnership broke, at least one other company is already jockeying to be next in line for a WWE collaboration.

Shoot your shot, Velveeta.