XFL Roughnecks' Kahlil Lewis works to set record straight after viral vomit video

HOUSTON -- In the days since the Houston Roughnecks' XFL opener Saturday, wide receiver Kahlil Lewis has heard from a lot of people about what he did in the game.

No, it wasn't about any of his five catches for 45 yards, including a touchdown, or the 37-17 Roughnecks victory over the Los Angeles Wildcats. Instead, they were contacting him about something that happened in the first quarter.

Three plays into the game, Roughnecks quarterback P.J. Walker threw a 50-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Cam Phillips. Lewis ran down the field to celebrate after chugging a whole bottle of Gatorade, and he was the first player to reach Phillips after he scored.

When Lewis was lining up for the 1-point conversion, he threw up.

"Oh, my gosh, everybody keeps hitting me up about that," Lewis said. "I ran down the field when Cam scored and I was screaming. I caught myself screaming too hard. I was like, 'Oh, calm down,' but it was already coming back up.

"So I was just trying to hold it in. That's why it all came out at once."

After the video went viral, Lewis started hearing from friends and people sending GIFs from the video, as well the vomiting emoji. In those texts and messages, he has heard the whole gamut of reasons for why he vomited. He wanted to set the record straight.

"I was just too excited," Lewis said. "I was screaming, and I had just chugged a whole Gatorade. It came up. That is all. It wasn't nerves. None of that, out of shape. Nothing everybody's been coming to me with; it's none of that at all."

Teammate Sammie Coates laughed when asked about Lewis' on-field vomiting, calling it "the most disgusting thing I've ever seen."

"It was pretty funny, though," Coates said. "I looked down the sidelines and I just see a whole lot of orange come out of his mouth. It was bad. ... We've made fun of him for a couple days now."

The good news, according to Coates? He didn't have to worry about stepping in it.

"It wasn't like it was food or anything, so it was gone," Coates said. "It was just Gatorade."