XFL issues apology for key error at end of game

The XFL issued an apology for an officiating error that denied the Seattle Dragons an opportunity to tie the Houston Roughnecks at the end of Saturday's game.

With Houston leading by nine on its own 22-yard line, Roughnecks quarterback P.J. Walker took a knee on fourth down to end the game. However, the XFL said Walker's knee clearly touched the field with approximately two seconds remaining, meaning the ball should have been turned over to Seattle.

The Dragons would then have had the chance to score a touchdown and attempt a 3-point conversion from the 10-yard line to tie the game.

"With a nine-point differential in the score, Seattle was denied an opportunity to tie the game," the XFL said in a statement. "The XFL sincerely regrets this error."

Officiating supervisor Wes Booker was also reassigned, according to the statement.