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• March 20: McCain says law might be needed
• March 18: Palmeiro would forgive Canseco
• March 17: McGwire admits nothing
• March 17:'s hearing scorecard
• March 17: Players go on about business
• March 17: Parents recount toll on son
• March 17: A very different opening day
• March 16: McCain: Baseball duped public about policy
• March 16: No immunity for Canseco
• March 15: Giambi excused from testifying Thursday
• March 15: BALCO hearing delayed; plea in the works
• March 14: Selig testifying; MLB turns over documents
• March 13: Congressman: Absent players in contempt
• March 13: Jeremy Giambi advised not to speak
• March 12: Report: Probe links McGwire to steroids

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Stark: Too late for Big Mac, not baseball

Seeing Mark McGwire's reputation in tatters is hard to watch, but not as hard as seeing baseball follow suit.
Rovell: Evaluating the players

A rundown of how the players performed during the congressional hearing on steroids.
Kurkjian: Surviving the mess

Because of the steroids scandal, baseball is in a state of chaos. But there's no way this will ruin the game.
Ratto: The congressional confessional

As Thursday's Capitol Hill hearings near, now is the time for baseball's luminaries to unburden their souls.
Hardball in the political arena

Congress' hearings on steroids could lead to lasting change or just more of the same.
Barone: Testifying for Taylor

Don Hooton has been called to Capitol Hill to share what he has learned, the hard way, about steroids and teenagers.
Olney: Tainted glove

Last summer, commissioner Bud Selig proclaimed this was a golden age of baseball. Now, history is destined to recall this period as baseball's Steroid Era.
Bayless: Gimme the truth

If a congressional hearing is what it's going to take to get the truth about steroids, then let's do it.
Whitlock: The steroid circus

Why are we about to see Congressional hearings about steroids? Because Barry's about to pass The Babe.
Stark: Silver lining behind hearings

With one glaring exception, the heavy hitters of baseball are on deck for Congress. But what's the real agenda for holding hearings on steroids?
Cossack: Take the Fifth or come clean?

It's no accident that the House committee is beginning its hearings just as another baseball season arrives.
Ratto: No-call for Bonds? Here's why

Why didn't Congress call Barry Bonds to the stand? Perhaps the hearings would be in for a real show if his previous tirade was any indication.
Caple: Baseball on right path

The new steroids testing program will reduce use, even if politicians and talk show hosts want more.