Valdosta, Ga., is TitleTown USA

SportsNation (and then entire state of Georgia) has spoken. Valdosta, with its high school tradition, young but powerful Division II college football and overwhelming spirit is TitleTown USA.


It's not New York. It's not Green Bay. It's not L.A. Valdosta is TitleTown USA.


Valdosta, Ga.: TitleTown USA. We already knew it but now we have the hardware to prove it. It just goes to prove that "never, never, quit" attitude has won again. Congrats to everyone in Valdosta and Lowndes County, you deserve it.


When ESPN announced this contest and described what they were looking for, they used words like "community," "tradition" and "success." The reason why Valdosta has ESPN coming back is because we are a great example of these words. Everyone thought this small town would not be able to keep up in the voting, but I think being a small town truly helped us. If you ride around Valdosta, everyone in this town is aware of Title Town. Everyone wants this and therefore, everyone voted.


To the people saying "high school sports don't matter" ... where do you think the athletes that the big cites pay to win titles come from? I would think that most professional athletes played high school sports. So I guess high school sports "do matter." Ask Boston how J.D. Drew is doing. Or ask the Cowboys about Jay Ratliff. [Don't forget] VSU Blazer and five-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jesse Tuggle.

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Other top finalists

2. Parkersburg, W.V.
3. Green Bay, Wis.
4. Massillon, Ohio
5. Boston
6. Gainesville, Fla.

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TitleTown background

This spring, fans nominated towns and cities across the country based on their championship pedigree. A panel reviewed the nominees and fan voting in May determined the 20th finalist. "SportsCenter" visited each city in July, and fan voting July 23-27 determined TitleTown USA.