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What's your favorite sports movie? staff

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Only at The ESPYs will you find the best of Hollywood mingling with greats from the sports world.

So, what better place could there be to pose the question, "What's the best sports movie of all-time?" sent several of its staffers out to try to crown the best sports flick.
Eric Dickerson & David
Deacon Jones took a break from golfing with Eric Dickerson to cast his vote.

Here's how the stars voted. You can cast your vote by participating in the poll at right.

Eddie George, running back, Tennessee Titans
I'd say "The Natural" or "Rocky," but definitely not a football movie. Usually football movies aren't done that well -- except for "Any Given Sunday." But if you want to see a really, really good inspirational movie, you have to see "The Natural." "The Longest Yard" is great if you go way back.

Deacon Jones, Hall of Fame defensive end, Los Angeles Rams
Itís ďHeaven Can Wait,Ē with Warren Beatty. Not because Iím in it, but because it was the best sports movie that made sense. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. Some people might say ďThe Longest Yard,Ē but a lot of that stuff was fictious. A lot of that didnít happen. From a pure football movie, itís ďHeaven Can Wait.Ē Plus, the Rams win the Super Bowl, so we really bought that story. Itís probably the only way that I was going to win it anyway.

Marshall Faulk, running back, St. Louis Rams
As far as real sports action, Iíll have to go with "Any Given Sunday." They actually played in that one. As far as what the game means, and how it can bring people together, Iíll say "Remember the Titans."

D.L. Hughley, comedian/actor, "The Hughleys"
"The Longest Yard" and "Rocky." Itís a tie for me.

Susan Anton, actress and singer
Sentimentally, I love "Pride of the Yankees." I know that as far as the facts and the true story, it was done as a Hollywood-type of movie, but it's about a great baseball player who during his day was just like Cal Ripken. He just showed up. He was a workhorse. He was extraordinary. I love "Hoosiers." I thought that was a great movie. Michael Jordan would kill me if I didn't say "Space Jam," which was the epitome of a great, great sports movie. Boy, let me tell can those cartoon characters play. I love sports films, and I'd love to see them do better. It seems like baseball movies really have a tough time. I thought "For Love of the Game" was a lot of fun. I just saw "Tin Cup" the other day, and, yeah, there were problems with the facts of it. But the spirit of it -- about daring to try and go for your best -- that's wonderful. That last scene is painful to watch -- reminds me of that poor Frenchman at the British Open.

Samuel L. Jackson, host, 2002 ESPY Awards
"Dead Solid Perfect."

Ving Rhames, actor, "Pulp Fiction"
The film Iím about to do: "Night Train: The Sonny Liston Story." Weíll be shooting next year.

Evander Holyfield, former heavyweight champion
"Rocky," the first one.

Alice Cooper, rock star
Because I'm a golf fanatic, I should say "Caddyshack," but it really wasnít my favorite. It has to be "Slap Shot." I think that is everyoneís favorite. You love to see Paul Newman not glamorous, all beat up. And you canít beat the Hanson Brothers.

Cobi Jones, U.S. soccer team

Lee Majors, actor, "The Six Million Dollar Man"
I always root for the underdog ... so Iíd have to say "Rudy."

James Garner, actor, "The Rockford Files"
Sports movie? "Grand Prix"! Actually I donít watch sports movies. I donít like watching any movies all that much.

Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots

Paul Hornung, Hall of Fame running back, Green Bay Packers
Iíve always had a problem with sports movies. Itís hard to cast a good sports movie. To find someone who really looks like an athlete and can make things look authentic is tough. There arenít too many that come to mind. Some of the really old-time baseball movies would qualify. You have to go back pretty far.

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