Black History Month

Monday, February 3
Is Jesse Jackson out of his league?

Jesse Jackson has fought for change in the sports world.
Despite a roster of black stars and the millions of dollars they make both on and off the field, racial inequality persists in the world of sports. For three decades, Jesse Jackson has championed the struggle for equal opportunity, but few in the game seem willing to recognize the cause.

  • Harry Edwards: The King of the sports arena | Sound off: Rebel for every cause?
  • Aldridge: Agents of change | Rovell: Great black hope | Wiley: Everybody's history

    ESPN Celebrates Black History Month
    Throughout the month of February, ESPN honors the memory and spirit of the black athletes, and others, who helped shape the sports landscape with their courage, excellence and vision. These pioneers and heroes, and others like them, will be featured throughout the month on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic and
  • Hank Aaron
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Arthur Ashe
  • Jim Brown
  • Roy Campanella
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Ernie Davis
  • Curt Flood
  • Althea Gibson
  • Josh Gibson
  • Jack Johnson
  • Magic Johnson
  • Rafer Johnson
  • Michael Jordan
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee
  • Carl Lewis
  • Joe Louis
  • Willie Mays
  • Edwin Moses
  • Jesse Owens
  • Satchel Paige
  • Walter Payton
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Frank Robinson
  • Wilma Rudolph
  • Bill Russell
  • Barry Sanders
  • Tiger Woods

  • A look back at features on prominent black athletes
    Down but not out in South Central L.A.
    Marlin Briscoe broke pro football's color barrier, becoming the first black quarterback to start a game 34 years ago
    Page 2's Wiley: Payback is a bitch
    Page 2's Ralph Wiley ponders whether there is a greater onus on black athletes to give back to their hometown communities.
    Still breaking the ice
    After breaking the NHL's color barrier 44 years ago, Willie O'Ree is blazing a new trail in inner-cities across North America.
    ESPN The Magazine: Fresh Ice
    Mix hip-hop with hockey? Jeremy Jackson's trying, but it's been a tough and lonely trip.
    NASCAR working to lure minorities to its sport
    NASCAR's long-term success may depend on its ability to attract minority fans.
    Mack more interested in breaking speed barriers
    IRL driver George Mack is attempting to become just the second African-American to start at the Indy 500.
    Wiley: Ali vs. 'Ali'
    How accurate was "Ali" with the real story of The Greatest? Page 2's Ralph Wiley compares the film with the original.
    Wiley: White Rat Poison
    Whitey Herzog's charges of reverse racism in baseball have Page 2's Ralph Wiley smelling a rat.
    Earvin Johnson's greatest feat of magic
    Magic Johnson isn't supposed to be alive today. It turns out that the death sentence he was given a decade ago has given him a renewed lease on life.
    Farrey: Jordan to test sports' new sobriety
    With the definition of 'hero' redefined by recent world events, will Jordan assend again to god-like status?
    Wojnarowksi: Sunday school a good thing for Vince
    Vince Carter's busy Game 7 of the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals last season caught him some heat, but it shouldn't have.
    Halberstam: Admiring Iverson
    If athletes are what they do, Iverson passes the test handsomely
    Indiana making progress in sports
    The Indianapolis Colts' hiring of Tony Dungy gives the state of Indiana four high-profile black coaches.
    Wiley: Black history is everybody's history
    Richard Lapchick knows what it's all about. He has helped black athletes take 'Giant Steps' in the sports arena.
    U.S. women post historic bobsled victory
    Jill Bakken and Vonetta Flowers of the United States won the bobsled gold medal Tuesday in a two-run time of 1 minute, 37.76 seconds.

  • Fun on the side
    From the far reaches of's Page 2 archives ...

    10 Burning Questions for ...
    Ichiro Suzuki
    In our never-ending quest for truth and enlightenment in the world of sports, Page 2 asks the popular Seattle Mariners outfielder 10 hard-hitting questions.

    Kristy Yamaguchi
    Yamaguchi won Olympic gold without performing a triple axel, but we'll determine whether she can pass the grilling of Page 2's crack staff.

    Jeannette Lee
    Never has Page 2 faced such an intimidating force, but we turned the (pool) tables and racked up 10 questions for the Black Widow.

    Being ...
    Tiger Woods
    Take a glimpse into the mind of the world's best golfer and see what he's really thinking.

    The Ichiro
    Bobble-Head Doll

    He's extremely popular and in demand. So has success gone to the head of the Ichiro bobble-head?

    Tale of the Tape:
    Tiger vs. Bond,
    ... James Bond

    Men want to be him, women want to ... well, you know. Tiger Woods is a real-life James Bond.

    Page 2 Investigation:
    Ohno's crash
    Page 2's investigative reporters dig for the real dirt at the Winter Olympics.

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