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Event Description: Rifle

Rifle event
Some Great Outdoor Game events require endurance and brute strength; target events require technique and finesse.
Specially designed for the Games and unveiled at the 2000 edition, this competition features competitors shooting simultaneously, side by side. Each competitor will have a bank of 10 targets and a plate of dueling targets in front of them.

Competitors will earn points for hitting each of their 10 banked targets and each of their own plate targets. Once they completely knock down all 10 targets in his/her bank of targets the fun really starts. That's because they can then turn their sites on his/her dueling plate targets or his/her opponent's dueling plate targets. Competitors may hit their opponent's plate targets, moving the targets back to the "live" position and thus deducting the point value of that target from their opponent's score.

When the nerves build under the spotlight of the event, the breathing gets shaky and so does the accuracy. Even if you're accurate on your targets your opponent still has the opportunity to render your good performance a waste. A steady hand and even steadier nerves will determine the champion this year as it did last.

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