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Riggs Gets a Replacement
Jamie Riggs
Shotgunner Jamie Riggs can't wait to take on the boys in Madison.
After losing her beloved tricked-out Beretta to a fire this past winter, Tennessee teenager Jamie Riggs — a crowd favorite at the 2003 shotgun competition — is working back into competition form with some new firepower. Also: Peg Engasser's training log
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    Upset special: Skeeter stuns Little Morgan for Big Air gold

    In an upset comparable to Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson and Villanova over Georgetown, the 2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games checked in Sunday with Skeeter over Little Morgan. More ...

    Robertson hits gold in Shotgun

    The old adage "it's not over till it's over" held true at the Shotgun Event of the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, with six tie breakers needed to determine the gold medalist. More ...

    Fischers run away with Mixed Doubles Boom Run gold

    Luck favors the prepared, supposedly. So when cousins Tanya and Jamie Fischer, who train together, were paired in the random draw, they immediately were among the favored teams in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Mixed Doubles Boom Run. More ...


    Klein, Grigsby find Bass Fishing mother lode in gold country
    In the same region of northern California where history was made during the California gold rush, a lake nestled in the hills where 10 anglers prospected for gold of a different kind. Over the course of two days, they mined for bass on Folsom Lake, sit

    Koenig exorcises demon with victory in Rifle event
    An exorcism took place in the rifle competition at ESPN's Great Outdoor Games Saturday. Doug Koenig performed the ceremony with his .22 caliber rifle.

    Reno audiences tuning into Games
    Reno residents were not only happy to see the ESPN Great Outdoor Games up close and personal, they're also excited to see them again on television.

    Hoeschler Boom Runs to gold
    Judy Hoeschler was shocked to hear what came out of her daughter's mouth after the women's boom run practice. "She said, 'Mom, I'm going to win this thing,'" Judy recalled. Sixteen-year-old Abi Hoeschler then went on to win the Boom Run gold medal.

    Dogs strike gold at Agility event
    In a sport where Jack Russell terriers and border collies typically rule the competition, it was a miniature schnauzer that owned the day in the Sporting Dog Small Agility event at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games.

    Rematch: Fischer wins Boom Run
    The problem with racing Jamie Fischer in the Boom Run - and everyone says this - is that he's too fast across the logs to outrun. You need the guy to fall. Which, normally, shouldn't be a problem on the pitching, heaving timbers.

    Golden: Team Wynyard wins timber Relay gold
    Team captain Wynyard, of Cres Massey, Aukland, New Zealand and speed climber Schulz, of Silverdale, Wash., helped Team Wynyard to the gold medal and a record time in the Team Relay at Reno's Rancho San Rafael Park.

    Wynyard finds redemption's golden in Men's Endurance
    There was plenty of redemption floating around the Men's Endurance. At the top of the list is Jason Wynyard. Wynyard owned the event for the first two years. After loaning it out for a year, the gold is back in its rightful place.

    Crying Foul: Fischer wins disputed Log Rolling gold
    Surprisingly few people seemed to notice J.R. Salzman when he stalked away from the Log Rolling pond and to his tent, considering that his gold medal in the event had just been overturned in a crushing turn of fortune.

    Bosworth rolls to four-peat
    As Tina Bosworth stutter-stepped her way to a fourth straight Log Rolling gold medal in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, Bosworth didn't need a fresh scar to put a scare into her opponents.

    Bartow steps upto a Speed Climb hat trick
    If Brian Bartow was concerned about defending his title in the Speed Climbing at the Games, it didn't show in his demeanor. On a hot Saturday, Bartow was the coolest customer on the grounds as he claimed his third consecutive gold in Speed Climbing.

    Tree Topping: Hart of gold
    Greg Hart, so quick up the pole on the way to the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Tree Topping gold medal, took his time coming down. He exchanged notes with silver medalist Wade Stewart as they rested atop the 65-foot cedar poles, per custom, then descended

    'Devil Puppy' wins gold in Super Weave
    She might have started out life as a "devil puppy," but Taz, a 7-year-old Shetland Sheepdog, is now a double-gold medalist at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games. Taz and her handler, Jean Lavalley, captured the small-dog gold medal in the Super Weave.

    Engasser's golden Endurance
    Clutching her gold medal from the Women's Endurance at the 2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Friday, Peg Engasser did a quick time zone calculation and her broad smile grew even wider.

    Guy German: Soul searching in the Speed Climb
    Guy German has never won a medal in Speed Climbing at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, but a lot of medalists have had to get past the 49-year-old Nebraskan to earn their medals over the past four years.

    Egan shocked by Fly Fishing gold
    Lance Egan decided it was time to cut his losses. After catching a 23-inch brown trout and a 19-inch rainbow trout during a practice session earlier in the week, Egan simply wanted to keep from zeroing when he caught an 11-inch trout.

    Bass Fishing Day 1: Grigsby, Klein 'dial in' to lead
    If there was a dynamic duo in bass fishing it would arguably be Shaw Grigsby and Gary Klein. For more than two decades the veterans have been acquaintances and frequent partners on the CITGO Bassmaster Tournament Trail.

    Games' notebook wrap-up
    Great Outdoor Games final notebook

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