Answer Guy responds!

In the latest issue of The Magazine, Answer Guy found out why they're called the Maple Leafs and not Leaves. Now, he's asking you to delve into this perplexing issue of plurality.

Hockeyislife: It's a Canadian team. I dunno? Clearly. Jon Miller: Those damn Canadiens don't know how to spell. Hmmm. What about those Canadians? HKY: Cause Canadians are the most retarded people alive. Cuz why? Canes: Because the Leafs are from Canada. If they were American they would be called leaves. Uh-huh. Tom Stephens: Canadians don't know how to spell. Stupid Hosers! Heavens! Hosers shouldn't be capitalized! John Mayeux: Canadians are crazy and stupid!!! And not necessarily in that order!! You only need one exclamation point! Mshimiz: Because people in Canada are stupid. Really? Researcher, National Library of Canada: I'm not really authorized to give opinions. Yes, but are they? Are they what? Stupid. Who? Canadians. I'm not really sure what you're asking me. Are Canadians really stupid? I don't know how to respond. Fascinating. Dan Diamond, Canadian: Did you hear the one about the Canadian actress? Hit me. She slept her way to the middle. Right. We don't really care what you think. Oh yeah? That way we can get the drop on you if anything goes down. Is that a threat? Michael Eisner:, Answer Guy's boss: Dear Fellow Cast Members ... 'Sup du? HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Right back atcha, Mikey. Skrtichcom: The word maple leafs is conferring to one leaf (leafs). The word leaves is meaning more than one leaves. This confirms that the word that the Maple Leafs should be using is leaves. Can't argue with that. Karen Guglielmi : The national emblem in Canada is the Maple Leaf -- is this a good enough answer as to why the Leafs are called the Leafs and not the Leaves? Yes, Karen. Yes it is.

Next issue, Answer Guy wants to know: Why are first-year players called rookies? What do you think? E-mail answer.guy@espnmag.com.

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