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They say football and computers don't mix. But "they" obviously haven't considered the calendar, where, as the bowls heat up, the date rolls over to 01.01.01! Here's where to go for all the college football 411 you need (and some you don't). Click on the links -- they're live.
Party! You'll feel just like Hunter Thompson after being greeted by an animated -- and, frankly, quite flirtatious -- orange.
Sorry, we got finals: Win a date with a smarmy guy from BET! Oh, the contest ended in November.
Party! Volunteer to decorate a float for the big parade. (If, well, um, that's your thing.)
Sorry, we got finals: The game link, which is hard enough to find, devotes more space to parking than to football. Then again, this is Pasadena.
Party! Sweet trivia -- no team has gone scoreless in 28 years. [Ed.'s note: Why don't you just go ahead and make that 29 years?]
Sorry, we got finals: The Mardi Gras Marathon sounds tempting. Alas, it's only a footrace.
Party! Past scores, loads of stats -- even team payouts! Better yet, find out which hotels the players are staying at.
Sorry, we got finals: Sorry, we got finals: No salsa -- anywhere. (Helloooo? Anybody ever heard of cross promotion?)
Party! See the cool spiraling-football intro! Download the media guide! Find out which Heisman winners played in the Cotton!
Sorry, we got finals: New Year's Eve Parade of Bands. High school bands. Twenty of 'em. On New Year's Eve.

This article appears in the January 8 issue of ESPN The Magazine -- but without the cool links.

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