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There's no "i" in fantasy. Pity. After all, we gamers can break down the purest team sports. Take college hoops, for instance. Me and my pals burn our brackets and draft eight players instead. Most total points wins. We call it the Top Gun pool. Call me Maverick. Here's who's in my sights:

Top Seeds

Only once in the past 13 years have the Devils and the Heels both failed to last until the Final Four. So go to Tobacco Road for your go-to guy:
Joseph Forte, UNC: He averaged 19 points in last year's Tourney-as a frosh. He's had 17 20-points-or-more outings this season.
Jason Williams, Duke: A weak inside game makes his team a slightly longer shot for the Four. But his own 21 ppg on nearly 50% shooting makes this a play with minimal risk.
Also receiving votes: Casey Jacobsen, Stanford; Jason Richardson, Michigan State

Potential Four-Steppers

Gilbert Arenas, Arizona: Arenas' rocket step plus a killer crossover equals 16 points per. Underachieving be damned. I say the Cats will be the Pac-10 crew dancing longest.
Udonis Haslem, Florida: Mate Brett Nelson is a bigger scorer, but I want the guy with the 60% touch. Worried the Gators shot their load last year? Please note: Their four SEC losses have been by a total of seven points.
Also receiving votes: Jamaal Tinsley, Iowa State; Preston Shumpert, Syracuse; Troy Bell, BC

Long Shots

Marvin O'Connor, St. Joe's: O'Connor averaged 23.1 ppg in February. And -- how soon we forget? -- the Hawks made the Sweet 16 four years ago. This team is at least as capable.
Casey Calvary, Gonzaga: Five teams have reached the Sweet 16 each of the past two years. The Zags are one. Plus, they're on a roll -- 15 of 16 -- and Calvary's 20 ppg is a big reason why.
Also receiving votes: Kyle Korver, Creighton; Maurice Baker, Oklahoma State

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