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Any know-nothing can send one-seeds to the Final Four. True office pool vets should have the stones to stray from the obvious roads. Here are two Cinderellas that match up well against the heavy favorite.

The One-Seed
Of course, the official site of March has more pull than Coach Donovan in a prospect's den. Peep coaches' chats, player diaries and video highlights for any team with Tourney memories. Even Drake fans can see The Big Fella Eventually Known as Kareem smoke their Bulldogs in '69.

The Cinderellas
Team reports thick enough to make Ken Starr proud. Pretty inside stuff, too. Did you know Iowa State is undefeated at the Metrodome during the Dance? That Indiana has never lost a Sunday Tourney tilt? A few minutes here and you'll be a Final Four Rain Man.
Cinderellas often have ratty unis and a coach with a comb-over. This site confirms you need not look good to win. Read an interview with the King of all Cinderellas, Homer Drew. Enter a free pool. Try the interactive bracket. Plus, Ryan's D-2 and D-3 coverage is as sound as a Princeton chest pass.

On the floor, a second T sends you to the showers. On the Web, a second T sends you just this side of Mexico. There's not much hoops on the home site of Brackettville, Texas. In fact, most folks in this spare border town say they didn't see Nike's Bracketville ads last year. And yet the two destinations have their similarities. embraces deer season; strives to bag big bucks too. You're sure to find Duke in Bracketville; look for The Duke in Brackettville -- John Wayne filmed The Alamo there. Of course, should you find yourself in Bracketville, you'll want to "stay as long as you can"; in Brackettville, however, you're likely just passing through -- maybe to Pumpville, 100 miles away. Hey, someone should get Reebok on the horn.

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