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Sunday, March 11

NFL combine ... by the numbers

Here are some final notes from the NFL combine after the numbers have been entered and tabulated. A list of notable players who chose not to participate in Indianapolis appears at the end. These players will be evaluated in individual workouts; results will appear here in the weeks preceding the draft.

Florida State's Chris Weinke maintained his position as a late second- or early third-rounder, with Florida's Jesse Palmer also figuring in that same general area. Purdue's Drew Brees needs a strong individual workout to answer some of the questions that remain after the combine regarding his ability to throw the ball down the field effectively. Washington's Marques Tuiasosopo has continued his ascent up the draft board, with Mike McMahon of Rutgers figuring as a second-round possibility.

Here are the 40-yard times of the headliners (listed alphabetically here and throughout):
Marques Tuiasosopo
Marques Tuiasosopo impressed at the combine and continues to rise up the draft board.
Josh Booty, LSU -- 4.88
Drew Brees, Purdue -- 4.77
Quincy Carter, Georgia -- 4.55
Josh Heupel, Oklahoma -- 4.81
Cleo Lemon, Arkansas St. -- 4.90
Mike McMahon, Rutgers -- 4.54
Jesse Palmer, Florida -- 4.76
Sage Rosenfels, Iowa St. -- 4.71
Marques Tuiasosopo, Wash. -- 4.66

In terms of pure speed, Wisconsin's Michael Bennett (4.31), Stephen F. Austin's Derrick Blaylock (4.33) and Ohio State's Derek Combs (4.37) all came in with 40 times of under 4.40.

The following running backs also impressed with their straight-line 40 speed:
Dan Alexander, Nebraska -- 4.41
Correll Buckhalter, Nebraska -- 4.50
Travis Minor, Florida State -- 4.44
Anthony Thomas, Michigan -- 4.54
LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU -- 4.42
Reggie White, Oklahoma St. -- 4.53

At fullback, Auburn's Heath Evans (4.54) and Kansas' Moran Norris (4.59) figure to battle it out for the top spot at the fullback position until close to draft day. In the strength testing, Norris did 37 bench-press reps at 225 pounds, while Evans did 30 reps.

In terms of pure speed, the most impressive 40-yard times were turned in by Texas A&M's Chris Taylor (4.31), Utah's Steve Smith (4.38), Kentucky's Quentin McCord (4.40), Ohio State's Reggie Germany (4.37), Florida's John Capel (4.37), Troy State's Jonathan Carter (4.35), Louisville's Arnold Jackson (4.40) and Iowa's Kevin Kasper (4.38).

Other times of note:
Alex Bannister, Eastern Kentucky -- 4.48
Robert Ferguson, Texas A&M -- 4.48
Chad Johnson, Oregon St, -- 4.54
Justin McCareins, Northern Illinois -- 4.42
Marvin Minnis, Florida St. -- 4.53
Freddie Mitchell, UCLA -- 4.43
Cedrick Wilson, Tennessee -- 4.41

40-yard times of note:
Arther Love, South Carolina St. -- 4.77
Brian Natkin, UTEP -- 4.95
Alge Crumpler, North Carolina -- 4.73
Jabari Holloway, Notre Dame -- 4.90
Marcellus Rivers, Oklahoma St. -- 4.82

40-yard times of note:
Jeff Backus, Michigan -- 5.31
Jarvis Borum, NC St. -- 4.99
Ryan Diem, Northern Illinois -- 5.06
Robert Garza, Texas A&M--Kingsville -- 4.95
Ben Hamilton, Minnesota -- 5.23
Steve Hutchinson, Michigan -- 5.09
Jonas Jennings, Georgia -- 4.95
Kenyatta Jones, South Florida -- 4.96
Kareem McKenzie, Penn St. -- 5.18 Dominic Raiola, Nebraska -- 5.09
Marques Sullivan, Illinois -- 5.23
Chad Ward, Washington -- 5.09

These offensive lineman were able to bench press the most reps at 225 pounds:
Chris Brown, Georgia Tech --- 30 reps
Leonard Davis, Texas -- 33 reps
Rick DeMulling, Idaho -- 32 reps
Robert Garza, Texas A&M--Kingsville -- 37 reps
Steve Hutchinson, Michigan -- 31 reps
Jonas Jennings, Georgia -- 31 reps
Kenyatta Jones, South Florida -- 31 reps Victor Leyva, Arizona St. -- 37 reps
Josh Redding, Virginia Tech -- 31 reps
Ray Redziniak, Illinois -- 31 reps

Bench-press results of other notables:
Jeff Backus, Michigan -- 25 reps
Char-ron Dorsey, Florida St. -- 12 reps
Ben Hamilton, Minnesota -- 17 reps
Matt Light, Purdue -- 26 reps
Chad Ward, Washington -- 26 reps
Maurice Williams, Michigan -- 24 reps

40-yard times of note:
Derrick Burgess, Mississippi -- 4.84
Reggie Hayward, Iowa St. -- 4.78
Kris Jenkins, Maryland -- 5.01
Mario Monds, Cincinnati -- 4.98
John Schlecht, Minnesota -- 4.88
Kenny Smith, Alabama -- 5.15
Marcus Stroud, Georgia -- 5.06
Jamal Reynolds, Florida St. -- 4.63
Karon Riley, Minnesota -- 4.71
Kyle Vanden Bosch, Nebraska -- 4.68
Fred Wakefield, Illinois -- 4.98

Bench-press results (at 225 pounds) of some of the notables:
Casey Hampton,Texas -- 34 reps
Willie Howard, Stanford -- 23 reps
Kris Jenkins, Maryland -- 33 reps
Damione Lewis, Miami (Fla) -- 22 reps
John Schlecht, Minnesota -- 27 reps
Marcus Stroud, Georgia -- 21 reps
Kyle Vanden Bosch, Nebraska -- 26 reps

40-yard times of the headliners:
Keith Adams, Clemson -- 4.80
Quinton Caver, Arkansas -- 4.66
Morlon Greenwood, Syracuse -- 4.60
Edgerton Hartwell, Western Illinois -- 4.81
Carlos Polk, Nebraska -- 4.65
Eric Westmoreland, Tennessee -- 4.74

Coming in with times of below 4.40 were the following:
Will Allen, Syracuse -- 4.38
Jarrod Cooper, Kansas St. -- 4.35
Brock Williams, Notre Dame -- 4.38

Other notables with impressive 40 times:
Gary Baxter, Baylor -- 4.45
Jamie Henderson, Georgia -- 4.46
Bhawoh Jue, Penn St. -- 4.50
Dwight Smith, Akron -- 4.49
Michael Stone, Memphis -- 4.49
Adrian Wilson, NC St.-- 4.48

The following notable players didn't run at the NFL combine:
Michael Vick, QB, Virginia Tech
Chris Weinke, QB, Florida St.
James Jackson, RB,Miami (Fla.)
Ja'Mar Toombs, RB, Texas A&M
Kevan Barlow, RB, Pittsburgh
Travis Henry, RB, Tennessee
Rudi Johnson, RB, Auburn
Lamont Jordan, RB, Maryland
Chris Chambers, WR, Wisconsin
Rod Gardner, WR, Clemson
Scotty Anderson, WR, Grambling
Robert Kilow, WR, Arkansas St.
Quincy Morgan, WR, Kansas St.
David Terrell, WR, Michigan
Reggie Wayne, WR, Miami (Fla.)
Santana Moss, WR, Miami (Fla.)
Andre King, WR, Miami (Fla.)
Todd Heap, TE, Arizona St.
Maurice Williams, OT, Michigan
Chris Brown, OT, Georgia Tech
Brandon Winey, OT, LSU
Bill Ferrario, OG, Wisconsin
Justin Smith, DE, Missouri
Andre Carter, DE, California
DeLawrence Grant, DE, Oregon St.
Aaron Schobel, DE, TCU
David Warren, DE, Florida St.
Ellis Wyms, DE, Mississippi St.
Gerard Warren, DT, Florida
Richard Seymour, DT, Georgia
Damione Lewis, DT, Miami (Fla.)
Willie Howard, DT, Stanford
Casey Hampton, DT, Texas
Shaun Rogers, DT, Texas
Willie Blade, DT, Mississippi St.
Ryan Pickett, DT, Ohio St.
Dan Morgan, LB, Miami (Fla.)
Tommy Polley, LB, Florida St.
Torrance Marshall, LB, Oklahoma
Markus Steele, LB, USC
Jamie Winborn, LB, Vanderbilt
Brian Allen, LB, Florida St.
Orlando Huff, LB, Fresno St.
Fred Smoot, CB, Mississippi St.
Ken Lucas, CB, Mississippi
Andre Dyson, CB, Utah
Willie Middlebrooks, CB, Minnesota
Jamar Fletcher, CB, Wisconsin
Nate Clements, CB, Ohio St.
Fred Booker, CB, LSU
Tay Cody, CB, Florida St.
Derrick Gibson, DB, Florida St.
Adam Archuleta, DB, Arizona St.
Hakim Akbar, DB, Washington
Robert Carswell, DB, Clemson
Al Blades, DB, Miami (Fla.)
Terrence Carroll, DB, Oregon St.

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