Who let the stars out?
Seattle Mariners shortstop Alex Rodriguez, left, speaks with the Rev. Jesse Jackson during Game 4.
Alex Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners, who said he came to Game 4 to cheer on his friends, was only one of the famous faces seen during the Subway Series. Sex andthe City TV star Kim Cattrall was sitting in the cheap seats much to the delight of the teenage son of Steve Wulf, ESPN The Magazine executive editor. The Yankees, who brought their own furnishings to Shea for comfort, didn't exactly receive the star treatment they might have expected when their locker room accidentally flooded, forcing an evacuation after the game.

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Subway Series has gone to their heads
Some New York fans wear their allegiances on their sleeves. Others are having their team's name shaved into their heads.
Wojnarowski: Torre, brothers lived for Series
Joe Torre went to the last Subway Series in '56 and now he's back.
Garber: Newsflash -- Subway Series Excites Media
Garber: Sports is taking over the newspapers. It's on the cover of newspapers, there are specials on local TV and talk radio resounds with it.
Subway Series is troubling to out-of-towners
Blame the St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners. It is their fault the world in the World Series has been reduced to an underground ditch, and proud to be there.
Ratto: So much for sophistication
This little hometown affair proves New Yorkers can be just as silly and provincial as the rest of us.
The Pulse: Subway Series sites
In this special online edition of The Pulse, we present the best Subway Series sites to see.
Last Subway Series was a keeper
Ebbets Field in Brooklyn is gone and so are the Dodgers. But 44 years ago, they played one last memorable Subway Series against the New York Yankees.
World Series perfection
Don Larsen, the only man in history to pitch a perfect game in the World Series, will be profiled on ESPN Classic's SportsCentury series on Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 8 and midnight ET.
Wulf: Gotta go to Mo's
The Mag's Steve Wulf went to Modell's Sporting Goods to take the pulse of a baseball-mad city on the eve of the Subway Series.
Two bites of the same Apple
ESPN The Magazine's Bill Scheft takes a hypothetical look at side-by-side psychiatric sessions with fans of these New York teams.
Tale of the Tape: Mets fans vs. Yankees fans
There's more to this series than which is the better team. Like which team has the better fans? ESPN.com puts them under the microscope for a closer look.
Subway Series through the years
Between 1921 and 1956 there were 13 World Series featuring two New York teams. Here's a look back at how those Subway Series turned out.
 Jeremy Schaap hosts a special World Series edition of Up Close from Shea Stadium.
RealVideo: 28.8

 ESPN's Kenny Mayne looks at the Subway Series from a New Yorker's point of view.
RealVideo: 56.6 | ISDN | T1

 ESPN's Peter Gammons breaks down the World Series on SportsCenter.
RealVideo: 56.6 | ISDN | T1

 ESPN's Trey Wingo talks with reporters across the country about the significance of a Subway Series.
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Friday's N.Y. Post:
Yanks beat Mets for 3rd straight Series crown

Friday's N.Y. Daily News:
Beat Mets to 3-peat as World Champs

Friday's Newsday:
Yanks Extend Reign to 3rd Year With Dramatic 4-2 Win Over Mets in Game 5

"Thanks to the Mets for giving the Yankees a great series. Each game was close and not decided till the last out."
-- OldYankFan

"As I life-long Met fan this hurts. I am proud of my team, because they fought hard. The Yankees' World Series experience was the difference. They are the mentally strongest team I have ever seen. My Mets will be back next year, and I hope like the Braves this year the Yankees will be gone when we get to the World Series. Joe Torre and his team deserved this championship. Wait until next year."
-- DonHahnGeorgeTheodore
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