Pacers get shot at NBA title
Mark Jackson and the Pacers waited a long time for this.

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Pacers advance to Finals
Coach Larry Bird is happy for all the Pacer veterans.

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Conference finals
Reggie Miller's career has taken a Finals turn.
Pacers stride into
first NBA Finals

The Pacers ended a couple streaks Friday. Indiana defeated the Knicks 93-80 to snap a five-game losing streak at MSG. Oh, and the victory gave the Pacers a 4-2 triumph in the East finals, sending them into the NBA Finals for the first time in their 24 years in the league.
  • Pacers remember those ABA days
  • Another Knicks season ends in disappointment

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    Tue., May 23
    Pacers 102, Knicks 88

    Recap | Box score
    Thu., May 25
    Pacers 88, Knicks 84

    Recap | Box score
    Sat., May 27
    Knicks 98, Pacers 95

    Recap | Box score
    Mon., May 29
    Knicks 91, Pacers 89

    Recap | Box score
    Wed., May 31
    Pacers 88, Knicks 79

    Recap | Box score
    Fri., June 2
    Pacers 93, Knicks 80

    Recap | Box score
    When the playing ends, Walsh will go to work
    Donnie Walsh built the Pacers into a championship contender, but he'll be a busy man this summer.
    Jackson, Bird hope Ewing plays
    The Pacers know the Knicks' record with Patrick Ewing in and out of the lineup, and hope he plays in Game 5.
    Not at Conseco: Pacers want Knicks fans out
    As Game 5 is in Indiana, the Pacers' co-owners want to make sure Knicks fans don't get courtside seats.
    Denberg: Lack of fire dooms Pacers
    The Pacers' performance in New York has convinced's Jeffrey Denberg that Indy would be crushed in the Finals.
    Pacers hope home court works for them
    All season long, Conseco Fieldhouse has embraced the Pacers, made them feel nice and comfortable, right at home in their handsome new arena.
    Burning questions for East finals
    Our experts weigh in with the answer to a burning question about the Eastern Conference finals.
    Are the Knicks a better team without Ewing?
    The New York Knicks continue to fare better against the Indiana Pacers without Patrick Ewing than they do with him.
    Injuries can't stop Knicks from big win
    Even with a number of players out or playing hurt, the Knicks manage to pick up a big win and tie the series. Help | Advertiser Info | Contact Us | Tools | Site Map | Jobs at
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