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 Thursday, June 22
Ex-Seminole facing possession charge
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Star kicker Sebastian Janikowski is unlikely to be deported even if convicted on charges of possession of the "date-rape" drug.

Immigration and Naturalization Service officials said Thursday that a resident alien with five years' residency, such as Janikowski, probably would not face deportation until a second drug offense.

Sebastian Janikowski
Sebastian Janikowski was selected 17th overall by the Raiders.
Janikowski, a Polish citizen who starred at Florida State and was the Oakland Raiders' No. 1 draft choice this spring, has no prior drug record. He was recently acquitted of charges of trying to bribe a police officer.

Florida State University Police arrested Janikowski this week and charged him with possession of the designer drug GHB, also known as the "date-rape" drug.

An undercover officer spotted Janikowski and two companions outside a Tallahassee bar, pouring out a clear liquid, police said. Police tests showed the liquid was GHB, which can knock out a user when mixed with alcohol.

Janikowski, 22, was released on bond Wednesday and is awaiting an arraignment, where prosecutors will file formal charges.

Possession of a controlled substance is a crime of moral turpitude under federal immigration law, for which expulsion is a possible penalty for some aliens, INS spokeswoman Karen Kraushaar said.

Kraushaar said she couldn't discuss Janikowski's case in particular. But she said that for someone who has been in the country more than five years -- as Janikowski has -- it would likely take a conviction of two such crimes to start deportation proceedings.

Someone convicted twice of a crime of moral turpitude would almost certainly face deportation, Kraushaar said.

"It's like two strikes and you're out," she said.

Janikowski, who was supposed begin negotiations with the Raiders this week in California, is free on bond and allowed to travel. He must submit to random urinalysis, his attorney, Steve Dobson, said Thursday.

Janikowski also must abide by an 11 p.m. curfew and not go to any bars while he's in Tallahassee.

The arrest comes just a week after Janikowski was cleared of bribery charges in another case.

A jury last week took less than hour to acquit Janikowski of charges he tried to bribe a policeman $300 to let his roommate go after a nightclub arrest.

Janikowski left Florida State early to become the first kicker in 21 years taken in the first round of the NFL draft. The two-time All-American for the Seminoles helped lead Florida State to the national championship this year.

The Raiders said the team would have no comment at this time.

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