Thursday, December 14
Bruce, Holt among repeat offenders

ST. LOUIS -- The Bob 'N Weave during Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings was an expensive celebration dance for eight St. Louis Rams players, fined a total of $90,000 by the NFL on Thursday.

Bob 'N Weave
The St. Louis Rams do the Bob 'N Weave after Marshall Faulk, right, scored the second of four touchdowns Sunday.
Wide receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, both repeat offenders this season, were fined $20,000 for violating the rule against "prolonged, excessive or premeditated demonstrations." Tight end Roland Williams, also a repeat offender, was fined $15,000.

Running back Marshall Faulk and tight end Ernie Conwell were fined $10,000, and offensive guard Tom Nutten and running backs Justin Watson and James Hodgins were fined $5,000.

"I tripped out on the number they threw out at us," said Holt, who invented the touchdown celebration dance last year during the Rams' drive to the Super Bowl championship. "I may make a call to try to get the number down, but if not, I'll take care of the fine and we'll move on."

In letters to players notifying them of the fines, the NFL said it was the third offense for some of the players. Five players, including Bruce and Holt, were fined $5,000 after the Sept. 17 game at San Francisco, and the league said there was some bobbing and weaving after the Sept. 4 opener against Denver.

Quarterback Kurt Warner plans to pick up the tab, although he'll have to circumvent league rules to do it. Fines are deducted from players' paychecks.

"They tell me I can't technically pay fines for other players, that nobody can pay fines for other players," Warner said. "We'll see what we can do for league purposes.

"We don't want to step on any more toes. They might fine me for that, too."

Bruce said the fines were "pretty stiff" and planned to appeal. But he didn't see it as a great deterrent against the Rams trying the dance again.

"Their standpoint is, they may not stop us, but at least we'll think about it," Bruce said. "Some guys may think about it."

Holt said he would not appeal.

Warner did not participate in the "Bob 'N Weave" after the Rams' first two touchdowns in Sunday's 40-29 win over the Vikings. He said the fine might have been high because of a perception that the Rams had a vendetta against Vikings coach Dennis Green, who is co-chairman of the NFL competition committee and pushed for the ban on celebrations.

Warner said that had nothing to do with the Rams' decision to bring back the "Bob 'N Weave."

"I wonder if the league threw out those fines feeling that there was something else behind this other than a team going out and trying to have fun and trying to get back the emotion we had last year," Warner said.

August Busch IV of Anheuser Busch said the brewing giant planned to match the $90,000 with a gift to charity. Busch had offered to pick up the tab, but was discouraged by the NFL.

Warner offers to pay if Rams fined for 'Bob 'N Weave'

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 St. Louis DB Dre Bly on Kurt Warner's decision to pay for the Rams' fines for excessive celebration.
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