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What's hot, what's not
for the Sweet 16

Special to Page 2

We had some hits (Dan Dickau, Utah State and Phil Martelli) and some misses (Jamaal Tinsley, Hofstra and 'SC choking) with our Hot 'N' Not List for the 2001 NCAA Tournament.

But unlike you, with your battered bracket, we get a second chance. So, here's our take on what's hot and what's not entering the Sweet 16:

Page 2's Hot 'n' Not list after two rounds
Category   Hot   Not
Band   Hampton   Syracuse
Stuffed plaything   Monkey   Brad Soderberg
Tourney choker   Matt DohertyMatt Doherty   Roy WilliamsRoy Williams
Big Ten coaching gig   Michigan   Wisconsin
Trendy Penn State brother combo   The Dunns   The Crispins
Slickster coach   Quin SnyderQuin Snyder   Billy DonovanBilly Donovan
Body apparel   Sweatbands   Tattoos
In need of Flobie   Dan DickauDan Dickau   Brian ScalabrineBrian Scalabrine
Cinderella   Penn StatePenn State   GonzagaGonzaga
MJ's future backcourt mate   Jason Williams   Chris Whitney
Go-to scorer   Frank WilliamsFrank Williams   Terence MorrisTerence Morris
Uniforms   UCLA "classic"   Indiana State "jean vests"
Local rivalries   D.C. area   Tobacco Road
Thin man   Tayshaun PrinceTayshaun Prince   Lee ScruggsLee Scruggs
Defense   Matchup zone   Full-court press
Mid-major conference   West Coast   Mizzou Valley
Power conference   Pac-10   Big East
"Can't believe they're still here"   CincinnatiCincinnati   KansasKansas
Sound-smarter buzzwords   "I know Dan Dickau"   "I know Matt Doherty"
Bandwagon team   MarylandMaryland   MississippiOle Miss
Storyline   Can Temple keep shooting?   Can Duke keep shooting?
Human highlight reel   Casey Calvary   Gilbert Arenas

Dan Shanoff, the former men's college basketball editor for, is an honorary member of Page 2's Wrecking Crew.

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