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Case No. 3, Kobe Bryant

Page 2 staff

Poll Results

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Wan Kenobi Bryant calmly destroys all enemies in the universe.
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant certainly has the force with him, and a plurality of Page 2 readers believe he should be called Kobe Wan Kenobi Bryant.

In the latest case of The Berman Files, more than 15,500 votes were tallied in our quest to give Bryant an appropriate nickname.

ESPN's nickname expert, Chris Berman, agreed with the result, saying he loved Kobe Wan Kenobi as moniker for the young Jedi. The Star Wars-inspired nickname picked up 35.7 percent of the votes (5,586). The Golden Child was a distant second at 17.8 percent (2,787), and Show-Be was third with 16.5 percent (2,577).

Thanks for voting, and check back next week for another edition of The Berman Files to affix a good nickname on athletes in desperate need of monikers.

Here's a complete rundown of the votes:

Tally of votes on Kobe Bryant's nickname
Nickname Votes
Kobe Wan Kenobi Bryant 5,586
The Golden Child 2,787
Show-Be 2,577
King Kobe 1,057
KB8 764
Italian Stallion 749
The Cobra 714
Kobe Jolly Green Bryant 674
Kobe All That You Can Be Bryant 561
Kobe Stake Through the Heart Bryant 152

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