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Case No. 5, Ichiro Suzuki

Page 2 staff

After we opened another case for The Berman Files, Page 2 readers flooded us with more than 3,500 letters suggesting nicknames for Seattle Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki. Each week on Page 2, we'll pinpoint an athlete in need of a moniker. We'll then take the best suggestions from our readers and run a poll to officially crown the best nickname.

Ichiro Suzuki
Let's find an appropriate nickname for Ichiro Suzuki.

Some folks are already calling the M's star "The Wizard," which is what his Seattle teammates originally christened him as. Moniker messiah Chris Berman himself has already suggested "Seven-Year Ichiro." Finally, our users had many ideas of their own and below are some of their best.

After reviewing the nominations for Ichiro's new handle, vote in our poll at left for the nickname you think fits the young star best. On Friday, we'll reveal the most popular choice.

Alex and the Texas Rangers can eat their hearts out since we got Ichi!
Paul Brunson
Bothell, Wash.

Ichiro Suzuki Swift
Like the efficient Suzuki Swift automobile, Ichiro is small, but well-built. He is fast... and with his batting average hovering above .350, the Mariners are getting great mileage with Ichiro.
Jonathan Triggs

The Seven Year Ichiro
Seven years of ball in Japan, seven batting titles, seven Gold Gloves ...
Hoquiam, Wash.

Kind of a play on the A-Rod thing. Ahh, sweet redemption.
Jay Kuperstein
New York, NY

The Wizard
Seattle Mariners have a knack of picking nicknames that stick. "Junior" for Griffey, "Big Unit" for Randy Johnson, "A-Rod" for Alex, "Bone" for Jay Buhner, "Little O" for Omar Vasquez, "Gump" for Russ Davis and of course "The Edgar" for Edgar.

Some of these players have come and gone from Seattle, but the nicknames have stuck.
Steve M.
Spanaway, Wash.

Ichiro my dust
Garry Black
New Enterprise, Pa.

In homage to "The Simpsons" and descriptive of his beard.
Bob Satnan
Mesa, Ariz.

The best nickname I have heard for our new local favorite. He leaves opposing teams scratching their heads trying to think of ways to slow him down.
Jim Martin
Anacortes, Wash.

The Foreign Phenom
Matt Musgrove

The Incredible Import
Ichiro is the best thing to come to America from Japan since Nintendo.
Matt Dale
Huntington Beach, Calif.

The Orient Express
He is fast and his popularity is rolling like a steam train.
Alan Distassio
Fairfield, Conn.

He has steamrolled through a league filled with inflated egos and salaries.
Phillip Lewis
Lexington, Kent.

X in a row Ichiro
Fill in the X with the number of consecutive games with a hit. You just know he is going to break that record eventually.

The M's Rising 'Son'

He has more than filled the shoes of a former Mariner goldenboy, and has the star power to prove it.
Erick Lieske
Pullman, Wash.

The player formerly known as "rookie"
Why: Rookie? You've got to be kidding me. He's won seven batting championships in Japan and he's a rookie just because he crossed an ocean? Right. Since when does playing in a hemisphere make you a rookie?
Chad Nicholson
Spokane, Wash.

The Beast from the Far East
Jason Tammam
Westfield, N.J.

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