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Case No. 4, Joe Sakic

Page 2 staff

Poll Results

After we opened another case for The Berman Files, Page 2 readers flooded us with nearly 3,000 suggestions for a nickname for Colorado Avalanche star Joe Sakic.

Joe Sakic
Help give Joe Sakic an appropriate nickname.
Each week on Page 2, we'll pinpoint an athlete in desperate need of a moniker. We'll then take the best suggestions from our readers and run a poll to officially crown the best nickname. ESPN's Chris Berman himself will occasionally pick out the nickname that he likes best.

Below are the best of our readers' suggestions for Sakic. Don't forget to vote in the poll at left. Then on Friday we'll announce the top choice for Sakic's new nickname.

Old favorites
"Burnaby Joe"
That's what the media up here has named him. Sakic grew up in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver.
Andreas Wild
Vancouver, British Columbia

"Super Joe"
Those who have been following the Avalanche know that there is only one name to describe Joe Sakic. Super Joe just says it all.
Adam York
Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Quoteless Joe"
He never says anything interesting in an interview.
Roy Goldman
Palo Alto, Calif.

Non-Berman nicknames
Joe "King of the Snow" Sakic
Because he's the best Avalanche player that I can remember.
Kendric Carter
Alexandria, La.

"Off-Broadway" Joe Sakic
Best "Joe" in sports since DiMaggio and Namath.
Joe Cardoso
Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

"Broadway Joe"
After he ends up in New York City this summer, he'll win the Tony for best revival as "Broadway Joe."
Eric D
Kearny, N.J.

"Joe Cool"
Because he is smooth as ice and good under pressure.
Chris Marshall
St. Louis

Joe "You can stuff your sorries in a" Sakic
From the "Seinfeld" episode when George Costanza insisted that was a saying.
Zachary Galitzeck
Wilson Boro, Pa.

"Extraordinary" Joe
Because he is. Simple enough?
Jason Kealty

"Bazooka Joe" Sakic
Obviously, it takes after the bubble gum comic character and is fitting because of the offensive firepower Sakic displays.
Dan Opp
Hudson, Mass.

"The Croatian Sensation"
Not very many people are aware that Joe is from Croatian descent, I believe he should be given a name that relates to his family background.
Kraig Kunej
Barrie, Ontario

"The Burnaby Bullet"
He was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, and is a very fast skater.
Ryan Spurrell
St. John's, Newfoundland

"Burnaby Jones" Sakic
He is from Burnaby, British Columbia. The name has a nice ring similar to the 1970s TV show "Barnaby Jones."
Adrian Grenier
Pasadena, Calif.

"The Burnaby Bull" It gives the viewers some background information on Sakic, as well as describes his tenacity and never-ending desire to win.
Travis Formosa

"Dynamo Joe" Sakic
He's a dynamo on the ice, skating hard, scoring, doing it all.
Matt Allen

Joe "Auto" Sakic
He is "Auto" Matic
Rob Cully
Forest Lake, Minn.

"Smokin'" Joe Sakic
This guy lights it up on the ice.
West Hartford, Conn.

"Mighty Joe" Sakic
Because he's as big and strong as "Mighty Joe Young" from the movie, and also has that warm fuzzy side to him as well.
Jason Ostendorf
Bemidji, Minn.

"MoJoe" Sakic
The Mans Got The Juice!
Roger Wilson

"Sniping Shadow"
Joe Sakic is always around the net but no one seems to be able to lay the body on him. You think you see him you turn around and the puck is in the net and he is gone.
Chris Bouyea

Joe "The Snowman" Sakic
Because I recently found out George Gervin is the Iceman.
Macomb, Mich.

Joe "The Show" Sakic
Because he can put on quite a show.
Jim Geer
Sterling, Ill.

Joe "Cinch" Sakic
Because he's so dependable and easy, like the hefty cinch sack garbage bag.
Hayden Shumsky
New York

"The Abominable Joe-Man"
They even have the footprint on the jersey.
Chuck Farnsworth
Buffalo, N.Y.

"CCC" or "3C" or "Three-C"
Colorado's Canadian Captain.
Patrik Samuelsson
Eksjo, Sweden

"The Count of Monte Wristo"
For obvious reasons.
Lowell Flett

"Bliss from the Wrist"
Sounds catchy.

The Nordique Antique
He is a player with class and elegance like an antique from another era, an era that included his old team The Quebec Nordiques.
Novi, Mich.

Berman-esque nicknames
Joe "Sakic to Me"
He knows exactly what to do with the puck.
Greg Whipple
State College, Pa.

Joe "Hacky" Sakic
He bounces around passing and shooting.
Bryan Kraham

Joe "Quarterback" Sakic
Always delivers the final blow. (Like a defensive end.)
Jeff Meyer
Milaca, Minnesota

Joe "Paper or Plastic" Sakic
Either way it's in the bag!
Othello, Wash.

"Steamin' Cuppa" Joe Sakic
Actually, he does have a nickname around these parts: "Burnaby Joe." Burnaby's his hometown, part of greater Vancouver. But I doubt that name would catch on anywhere outside Canada, at least. So let's go with a proper Bermanism this time: "Steamin' Cuppa" Joe Sakic.
Jason Lake
Vancouver, British Columbia

"Full Metal" Sakic
It speaks for itself.
Cap Russell
Portland, Maine

Joe "Pillage, Plunder and" Sakic
Opposing players hide their women and children when Sakic comes to town.
Zac J.
Carlsbad, Calif.

Joe "Gunny" Sakic
Not bad, a reference to his blistering shot, while conjuring images of Ozark women dressed in the bag the potatoes came in.
Randy Marks
Logan, Utah

Joe "Wreaking Havoc" Sakic
The word wreak means to inflict punishment or vengeance upon another. Havoc is widespread destruction, devastation or chaos. Need I say more.
David Hickey
Boca Raton, Fla.

Joe "Sak, Sak, Sak, Sak" Sakic
In honor of the King of All Nicknames, Chris Berman.
Doug Ross
Columbia, S.C.

Ever-popular psychic puns
"Joe Psychic"
He knows what he's gonna do before he does it
Joe Rhee
San Diego, Calif.

"The Sakic Friends Network"
At least that's how they say it in Fargo.
Neal Koblitz
Lake Park, Fla.

"Sako Killer"
Jim Behrle
Allston, Mass.

"Joe Sakic Connection"
The guy seems psychic because he can tell what's going to happen and get ready to score a goal.
Kenny Jin
Marietta, Ga.

Joe Sakic "Phenomenon"
He always seems one step ahead, knowing how the play will develop.
Fulton, N.Y.

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