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Silver Anniversary

Semifinal: ACC vs. SEC
ACC Silver Anniversary Team SEC Silver Anniversary Team
G: Michael Jordan, UNC (2-time All-American, '84 national player of year) G: Chris Jackson, LSU (2-time All-American, set NCAA fresh. pts record)
G: Mark Price, Ga. Tech (4-time all-ACC, led ACC in scoring as freshman) G: Allan Houston, Tenn. (Averaged 22 pts per game as four-year starter)
F: Len Bias, Maryland (2-time ACC player of year, 2-time All-American) F: Chuck Person, Auburn ('86 All-American, school's leading scorer)
F: Christian Laettner, Duke (4 Final Fours, '92 national player of year) F: Jamal Mashburn, Kent. (18 pts over 3 years; '93 SEC player of year)
C: Ralph Sampson, Virginia (3-time All-American, 3-time national POY) C: Shaquille O'Neal, LSU (2-time All-American, '91 national player of year)

Fran Fraschilla's analysis

After having a little trouble with John Chaney's match-up zone in the first round, the ACC moved into this semifinal matchup behind Mark Price's long-range shooting and the athleticism of Michael Jordan and Len Bias.

They'll certainly have a tougher time today against Shaquille O'Neal and his SEC friends, as the big fella tries to bully Ralph Sampson down low. But don't sell Sampson short. I'd sure enjoy watching any O'Neal-Sampson matchup, which would remind me of those games during 1982 between the 7'4" Cavalier and a certain Hoya named Patrick Ewing. (Maybe we'll see one last go-around between those two in the next round.)

While O'Neal is the one player the ACC won't have an answer for, he won't be enough. I think the ACC will have a little too much Jordan, who also won't be stopped by any SEC defender. Oh, and don't forget about Christian Laettner, who'll cause plenty of matchup problems for Jamaal Mashburn ... who'll have a flashback or two of 1992.

As long as Sampson doesn't get bullied down low, the ACC should prevail. Jordan and Bias lock up Allan Houston and Chuck Person -- two guys who had big games against the Big Ten's smaller guards. But this time around, too much Jordan is more than too much O'Neal.


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