Conference USA vs. Big East
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Silver Anniversary

Semifinal: Conference USA vs. Big East
C-USA Silver Anniversary Team Big East Silver Anniversary Team
G: Anfernee Hardaway, Memphis ('93 All-American, 20 ppg in 2 years) G: Pearl Washington, Syr. (2-time All-American)
G: Darrell Griffith, L'ville (2-time All-American, 23 ppg in '80 title year) G: Ray Allen, UConn (19 ppg over 3 years; '96 All-American)
F: Mark Aguirre, DePaul (24 ppg over 3 years, '80 national player of year) F: Chris Mullin, St. John's (20 ppg over 4 years; '85 All-American)
F: Clyde Drexler, Houston ('83 All-American, 2 Final Fours) F: Derrick Coleman, Syr. (2-time All-American, '87 Final Four)
C: Akeem Olajuwon, Houston ('84 All-American, 3 Final Fours) C: Patrick Ewing, G-Town (3-time All-American, 3 Final Fours)

Fran Fraschilla's analysis

This will be a battle of titans inside, as Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon continue their storied history against each other. Back in the day, it was Olajuwon who got the better of the Hoya Destroya, and Ewing will still have a tough time stopping that "Dream Shake" move that drove him nuts in the '80s. But the difference in the 21st Century for Ewing will be the outside shooting he has as support on this Silver Anniversary Team. Pearl Washington, Ray Allen and Chris Mullin will keep C-USA from doubling Ewing in the paint.

C-USA will make its runs at the Big East, as creator of Phil Slama Jama, Clyde Drexler, and Darrell "Dr. Dunkenstein" Griffith put on a slam dunk show. But C-USA's bigger backcourt will ultimately be a negative on the defensive end, as Pearl Washington will prove impossible to keep out of the lane, setting up fellow Orangeman Derrick Coleman and Ewing for easy layups and a few dunks of their own. Mark Aguirre will certainly get his points, but his matchup with Coleman will ultimately be a draw, as each player will show their versatility in the paint and from the perimeter.

But, in the end, the outside shooting of the Big East will prevail.


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