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Hey kids! Help Casey Martin qualify for the PGA Tour!

Just print out this gameboard, sneak the car keys out of your dad's pants and drive to the local video parlor where you and your friends can play in peace. Have fun and remember -- it's a whole lot more interesting when you gamble on the finish!

Congratulations! You not only earn a golf scholarship to Stanford, your housemate is Tiger Woods.

Move up one space.

Oh, no! It's Parents Weekend and you have to listen to Earl Woods brag about his son!
Move back two spaces.

Way to go! You graduate from Stanford!

Move ahead one space to the Tour.

Uh, oh! The PGA assigns a designated driver for your cart and it's John Daly.

Lose two turns pulling the cart out of a water hazard.

A U.S. Magistrate rules in your favor
but lose four turns waiting for your cart's license plates at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Oh, no! The PGA Tour says you can't use a golf cart!

Lose two turns to file suit in federal court.

The PGA Tour still says you can't use a golf cart and appeals to a circuit court!

Lose three turns.

Jack Nicklaus proposes a compromise.
You can use a golf cart, but it must run on bottled water for fuel.

The PGA Tour meter maid has your cart towed away when you leave it parked near the 17th hole to putt on the green.

Lose four turns.

The circuit court rules in your favor.

Get a sponsor's exemption to the Greater Hartford Open and move up one space.

Not so fast! Those are Firestone tires on your golf cart.
Lose two turns and move back a space.

The Supreme Court rules in your favor!

You can ride a cart and there's nothing the killjoys at the PGA Tour can do about it.

The PGA Tour places groundskeeper Carl Spackler in charge of your cart's maintenance.

Lose three turns when you run out of gas on the 14th fairway.

Oh, no! The PGA Tour appeals to the Supreme Court.

Lose your Tour card and four turns.

Sorry! You're past your prime.
Go back to the start and wait to qualify for the senior tour.


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