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The List: Most beloved football players
Page 2 staff

Two weeks ago, Page 2 readers picked Cal Ripken Jr. and Kirby Puckett as the most beloved players in baseball history, so now we're turning our attention to the gridiron.

Walter Payton
"Sweetness" described Walter Payton on and off the field.
Check out Page 2's choices below for the 10 most beloved players in football history. Next, see how the readers ranked their favorites and make sure you vote in the poll to crown the most beloved footballer of all-time.

Here are Page 2's choices:

1. Walter Payton
His nickname, "Sweetness," says it all. Of course, the man could run a little bit, too.

2. Doug Flutie
The living dream of every normal-sized, red-blooded couch potato in the land.

3. William Perry
"The Refrigerator" was a big, fat guy who just wanted to score. Who couldn't get behind that?

4. Paul Hornung
Even the ladies loved "The Golden Boy." Especially the ladies.

5. Joe Namath
"The Guarantee" was one of many things that made "Broadway Joe" New York's favorite athlete -- in any sport -- since Babe Ruth.

Doug Flutie
Doug Flutie is the loveable little guy who everyone roots for.
6. Emmitt Smith
Even people who hate America's Team love this guy. And they're hoping he survives the season.

7. Earl Campbell
The "Tyler Rose" was loved by folks who didn't just "Luv Ya Blue."

8. Joe Greene
In real life, he was a chain-saw massacre on two legs. But, oh, that Coke commercial with the little kid and "Mean" Joe's jersey!

9. Brett Favre
A free-wheelin' gunslinger, Favre just looks like he's having all kinds of fun out there.

10. Roger Staubach
Served his country and lit up football fields all across America with his improvisational genius.

Honorable mentions
Darrell Green, Brian Piccolo, Kurt Warner, Gale Sayers, Frank Gifford, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Alex Karras, Franco Harris, Art Donovan, Don Meredith, John Riggins, Tony Siragusa, Gene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb

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