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The List: Worst owners
Page 2 staff

Once again, Page 2 is letting its readers compose The List.

Art Modell
Art Modell ripped the Browns out of Cleveland and won a Super Bowl in Baltimore.
Last week, we crowned the best owners in the sports world, and now we turn our attention to the underbelly of sports ownership. Check out our list of the 10 worst owners in sports.

On Thursday, we'll run our readers' list of the 10 worst owners, along with a poll to name the worst of the worst.

Here are Page 2's choices:

1. Donald Sterling (Los Angeles Clippers)
Paper Clips are NBA's all-time joke franchise.

2. Peter Angelos (Baltimore Orioles)
Quickly turned one of the majors' classiest franchises into baseball's version of the Clippers.

3. The Brown family (Cincinnati Bengals)
Family patriarch Paul Brown would cringe at Bengals' crazed-chicken approach (CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!).

4. Art Modell (Baltimore Ravens)
Made the people of Cleveland pay for his lack of business acumen and self-control.

5. The Bidwills (Arizona Cardinals)
Bill Bidwill
Bill Bidwill's Arizona Cardinals have been in constant turmoil.
No matter where they relocate they are doomed to failure with clueless ownership.

6. Jeremy Jacobs (Boston Bruins)
Speaking of ruining a proud franchise with frugal ways ...

7. Madison Square Garden (New York Rangers)
Despite more money than any team in the NHL, they haven't been able to get team to the playoffs since 1997. And things are not looking up, especially if they have to trade their future for one-dimensional scoring champ Jaromir Jagr.

8. The Chicago Tribune Co. (Chicago Cubs)
Despite the Cubs' current lofty spot in NL Central standings, penurious newspaper company doomed them to years of mediocrity.

9. Michael Heisley (Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies)
Came in as hero, left as enemy.

10. Jerry Reinsdorf (Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox)
Seems determined to make the fans of Chicago beg for mercy.

Also receiving votes: The Irsay family (Colts), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), Jeffrey Loria (Montreal Expos), Peter Karmanos (Carolina Hurricanes), Bill Wirtz (Chicago Blackhawks).

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