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The List: All-time least likable ballplayers
Page 2 staff

Last week, we were out to find the most beloved players in baseball history. This week, we're on the other end of the spectrum.

Ty Cobb
Despite his outstanding numbers, Ty Cobb was universally hated.
Check out Page 2's list of the least likable ballplayers and then have a look at our readers' choices for the all-time worst.

Here are Page 2's choices:

1. Ty Cobb
A violent psychopath and stone racist, Cobb hit opposing players as hard as he hit baseballs. And that's really saying something, since he had a lifetime .367 batting average.

2. John Rocker
He didn't know when to keep his mouth shut and hasn't learned a thing since then.

3. Albert Belle
Look for his picture next to "surly" in the dictionary. He didn't discriminate, though -- he was nasty to media, fans and other players, including his own teammates.

4. Cap Anson
A Hall of Famer who played in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Anson is generally considered the leading force behind getting blacks banned from Major League Baseball until Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947.

Roger Clemens
Incidents like his run-in with Mike Piazza haven't endeared the fans to Roger Clemens.
5. Carl Mays
Spitball pitcher was universally disliked by other players ... even before he threw the pitch that killed Ray Chapman.

6. Roger Clemens
The ultimate headhunter and mercenary, the Rocket is liked only by fans of his own team ... and sometimes not even them.

7. Hal Chase
The great-fielding first baseman from the early 1900s was often accused -- though never convicted -- of fixing games.

8. Dick Allen
The Albert Belle of his era.

9. Pete Rose
The only player to make both our "most beloved" and "least likable" lists. Even before all the gambling allegations, a lot of folks hated Rose for his overly aggressive play (injuring catcher Ray Fosse in a meaningless All-Star Game and picking a fight with tiny Bud Harrelson of the Mets are two of the more famous examples).

10. Reggie Jackson
The straw that stirred up a lot of venom from the fans.

Honorable mentions
Barry Bonds, Roberto Alomar, Steve Garvey, Carl Everett, Eddie Murray, Jim Bouton, Rickey Henderson

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