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Here's Looking At You
Archive 5

Page 2 staff

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Here's a look back at the look-alikes that have been featured on Page 2 thus far. This is our fifth archive page -- built after our first, second, third and fourth archives began to overflow.

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Has anyone ever told you that you look like ...
Chris KleinTanyon Sturtze
Actor Chris Klein, left, and Devil Rays pitcher Tanyon Sturtze.
  Seann William ScottAndy Roddick
Actor Seann William Scott, left, and budding tennis star Andy Roddick.
  Jason BiggsAndy Pettitte
Actor Jason Biggs, left, and Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte.
Jeff KentBrawny man
Giants 2B Jeff Kent, left, and the Brawny paper towel man.
  Melissa EtheridgeBrandi Chastain
Rocker Melissa Etheridge, left, and soccer star Brandi Chastain.
  Ken CaminitiSteve Hutchinson
Braves infielder Ken Caminiti, left, and Seahawks guard Steve Hutchinson.
David DuvalHaley Joel Osment
Golfer David Duval, left, and actor Haley Joel Osment.
  Scott HochAlfred E. Neumann
Golfer Scott Hoch, left, and Alfred E. Neumann of Mad Magazine.
  Dale HunterRobin Williams
Former NHL center Dale Hunter, left, and actor Robin Williams.
Robert CulpDave Campbell
Actor Robert Culp, left, and ESPN baseball analyst Dave Campbell
  Antonio FreemanAlfonso Ribeiro
Packers WR Antonio Freeman, left, and actor Alfonso Ribeiro.
  Tim McGraw Bret Saberhagen
Country singer Tim McGraw, left, and Boston Red Sox pitcher Bret Saberhagen.
Ismael ValdesPeter Gallagher
Anaheim Angels pitcher Ismael Valdes, left, and actor Peter Gallagher
 Ice CubeAnthony Wright
Actor/rapper Ice Cube, left, and Dallas Cowboys backup QB Anthony Wright
  Sue BirdIrene
UConn point guard Sue Bird, left, and Irene of MTV's "The Real World."
Peter GammonsAndrew Jackson
ESPN's Peter Gammons and President Andrew Jackson, right, on the $20 bill.
  H. Ross PerotJay Fielder
Billionaire H. Ross Perot, left, and Miami Dolphins QB Jay Fielder.
  John Randle Michael Clarke Duncan
Seattle Seahawks DE John Randle, left, and actor Michael Clarke Duncan.
David TomsEdward Norton
PGA champion David Toms, left, and actor Edward Norton.
  Carson DalyWarren Morris
MTV's Carson Daly, left, and Pirates second baseman Warren Morris
  Rob Johnson Dan Cortese
Buffalo Bills QB Rob Johnson, left, and actor Dan Cortese.
Melanie MolitorCarrot Top
Martina Hingis' mother, Melanie Molitor, and comedian Carrot Top, right.
  Jelena DokicMena Suvari
Tennis player Jelena Dokic, left, and actress Mena Suvari.
  Matthew Perry Kevin Stemke
Actor Matthew Perry, left, and former Wisconsin punter Kevin Stemke.
Grant RobertsMark Wahlberg
Actor David Schwimmer, left, and Florida Marlins outfielder John Mabry.
 Tom SelleckMark Malone
Actor Tom Selleck, left, and ESPN's Mark Malone.
  Roberto Alomar Rupert Jee
Cleveland Indians second baseman Roberto Alomar, left, and Hello Deli owner Rupert Jee.
Marvin BenardDerek Fisher
San Francisco Giants outfielder Marvin Benard, left, and Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher.
  Kerry WoodFred Durst
Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood, left, and Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst.
  Brady Anderson Liev Schreiber
Baltimore Orioles outfielder Brady Anderson, left, and actor Liev Schreiber.
Wade MillerThomas Haden Church
Houston Astros pitcher Wade Miller, left, and actor Thomas Haden Church.
  Ted LillyBill Murray
New York Yankees pitcher Ted Lilly, left, and actor Bill Murray.
  Fernando Vina Buff Bagwell
St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Fernando Viña, left, and pro wrestler Buff Bagwell.
Al LeiterRussell Crowe
New York Mets pitcher Al Leiter and actor Russell Crowe, right.
  Janet RenoBud Selig
Washington Wizards swingman Michael Jordan, left, and Golden State Warriors guard Mookie Blaylock.
  Bart Simpson David Eckstein
TV's Bart Simpson and Anaheim Angels shortstop David Eckstein, right.
Richard RiehleAndy Reid
Actor Richard Riehle, left, and Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.
  Joe KerriganRicky Rudd
Boston Red Sox manager Joe Kerrigan, left, and Ned Flanders of "The Simpsons."
  John Rocker Scooby-Doo
Former New York Giants hero Bobby Thomson, left, and Bill Nye "The Science Guy."

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