Here's Looking At You Archive 9
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Here's a look back at the look-alikes that have been featured on Page 2 thus far. This is our ninth archive page -- built after our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth archives began to overflow.

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Has anyone ever told you that you look like ...
Bill HaselmanMel Gibson
Texas Rangers catcher Bill Haselmen, left, and actor Mel Gibson.
  Vladimir RadmanovicJeremy Sisto
Seattle SuperSonics forward Vladimir Radmanovic, left, and actor Jeremy Sisto.
  Paul PierceTheo
Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce, left, and Theo from MTV's "Real World Chicago."
Mike RicciGeddy Lee
San Jose Sharks center Mike Ricci and Rush lead singer and bassist Geddy Lee, right.
  Mike FratelloDoug Hutchison
NBA TV analyst Mike Fratello, left, and actor Doug Hutchison.
  Tommy LasordaAriel Sharon
Former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, left, and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
Steve YzermanJohnny Depp
Detroit Red Wings center Steve Yzerman and actor Johnny Depp, right.
  Tom CoverdaleJim Carrey
Indiana Hoosiers guard Tom Coverdale, left, and Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber."
  Byron MoutonDenzel Washington
Maryland Terrapins guard Byron Mouton and actor Denzel Washington, right.
Todd PrattPatrick Warburton
Actor Patrick Warburton, left, and Philadelphia Phillies catcher.
  Mariusz CzerkawskiHeath Ledger
Actor Heath Ledger, left, and New York Islanders right winger Mariusz Czerkawski.
  Ryan ReynoldsSimon Gagne
Actor Ryan Reynolds, left, and Philadelphia Flyers left winger Simon Gagne.
Andre MillerRichard Pryor
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Andre Miller, left, and a young Richard Pryor.
  Rudy TomjanovichBrian Ferry
Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich, left, and singer Brian Ferry.
  Bobby AbreuSammy Sosa
Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bobby Abreu, left, and Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa.
Derrick ColemanGeorge Foreman
76ers forward Derrick Coleman, left, and former heavyweight champ George Foreman.
  Elroy JetsonBuck Showalter
Elroy Jetson of "The Jetsons," left, and ESPN baseball analyst Buck Showalter.
  Elin NordegrenNicole Eggert
Tiger Woods' girlfriend Elin Nordegren, left, and actress Nicole Eggert.
Chris WilcoxBusta Rhymes
Maryland Terrapins forward Chris Wilcox and rapper-actor Busta Rhymes, right.
  Rick CarlisleJim Carrey
Detroit Pistons coach Rick Carlisle and actor Jim Carrey, right.
  Nick Van ExelTodd Bridges
Dallas Mavericks guard Nick Van Exel, left, and former child actor Todd Bridges.
Bill BarberJon Voight
Philadelphia Flyers coach Bill Barber, left, and actor Jon Voight.
  Robert IlerMatt Harpring
Actor Robert Iler, left, and Philadelphia 76ers forward Matt Harpring.
  Bobby SuraStephen Baldwin
Golden State Warriors guard Bob Sura, left, and actor Stephen Baldwin.
Mike BibbyVerne Troyer
Sacramento Kings point guard Mike Bibby, left, and actor Verne Troyer.
  Marion JonesMorris Peterson
Sprinter Marion Jones, left, and Toronto Raptors forward Morris Peterson.
  Mr. SpacelyScotty Bowman
Mr. Spacely of "The Jetsons" and Detroit Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman, right.
Mark McGrathScot Pollard
Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, left, and Sacramento Kings center Scot Pollard.
  Bob McNairAlyson Hannigan
Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, left, and actor Malcom McDowell.
  Dolph LundgrenAndrei Kirilenko
Actor Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV" and Utah Jazz rookie Andrei Kirilenko, right.
Donn NelsonGarth Brooks
Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Donn Nelson and country music star Garth Brooks, right.
  Don SuttonGary Spivey
Former big-league pitcher Don Sutton, left, and psychic Gary Spivey.
  Ray WoolridgeWilliam Shatner
Charlotte (for the time-being) Hornets co-owner Ray Woolridge and actor William Shatner, right.
YodaMarco Pantani
Yoda or "Star Wars" and Italian cyclist Marco Pantani, right.
  Kenyon MartinMethod Man
New Jersey Nets power forward Kenyon Martin, left, and rapper Method Man.
  Lute OlsenChi McBride
ESPN's Michael Wilbon and actor Chi McBride, right.
Nick JohnsonVincent D'Onofrio
New York Yankees designated hitter Nick Johnson, left, and actor Vincent D'Onofrio in "Full Metal Jacket."
  Gary BettmanRowan Atkinson
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, left, and actor Rowan Atkinson as "Mr. Bean."
  James BlakeSideshow Bob
Tennis star James Blake, left, and Sideshow Bob of "The Simpsons."
Bill BelichickDwight Clark
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, left, and former Cleveland Browns GM Dwight Clark.
  Tim LeglerBen Curtis
ESPN basketball analyst Tim Legler, left, and the Dell computer kid (actor Ben Curtis).
  Paul MauriceDavid Hyde Pierce
Carolina Hurricanes coach Paul Maurice and actor David Hyde Pierce, right.


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