Pittsburgh Penguins home uniforms
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No other hockey team likes to change their uniforms quite as much as the Pittsburgh Penguins, and they're at it again.

The Penguins unveiled a new home jersey Aug. 22 that reintroduces the old skating penguin crest that was a part of their original uniforms from 1967 to 1993. The team ditched the skating penguin after the team won its second straight Stanley Cup and tried to capitalize on merchandising with an updated -- and more intense-looking penguin, if that's possible -- style.

The new sweater is essentially a white version of the black "third" or alternate jersey that they've been wearing the past two seasons. But that's not to be confused with the third jersey they introduced in 1996 and adopted as their road jersey a couple of years later.

Page 2 wants to find out which of these Penguins sweaters you believe looks the best. Check out the new jerseys and the old ones below and register your opinion by voting in the poll at right.

New Penguins home sweaterOld Penguins home sweater
Alexei Kovalev
Mario Lemieux


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