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Ichiro Suzuki

Page 2 staff

Ichiro Suzuki
Ichiro Suzuki and the Mariners Moose have become fast friends.
Everyone's trying to figure out what makes Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki tick.

So Page 2, with the help of Mariners translator Hide Sueyoshi, asked Ichiro 10 burning questions that others wouldn't dare to ask.

1. Page 2: Which is the worst mascot, the Mariners Moose or Neppie, the Orix Blue Wave sea creature?
Ichiro: That's a tough question. You mean worst, which one I like the least? (Pauses to think about it.) The secret is the latest Neppie is a girl inside the costume and Neppie has some nice movement. But the Moose has good movement, too. I like them both.

1a.. I don't think you're giving us a straight answer.
Ichiro: You know it.

2. Other than Neppie, what do you miss most about Japan?
Ichiro likes Neppie's moves.
Ichiro: Nothing.

3. Other than the Moose, what's the best thing about playing in the United States?
Ichiro: I like the fans. I like the attitude they take to baseball. Their passion as fans is very high.

4. How high is your monthly long distance phone bill?
Ichiro (grinning): I don't know, I don't look at it.

5. Which superpower would you most want: the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly or the ability to turn invisible?
Ichiro: Invisible. I could go anywhere and see anything without telling anybody.

5a. You're a sneaky guy.
Ichiro: Of course. Everyone wants to do that.

6. What's your favorite American fast food?
Ichiro Suzuki
Sometimes Ichiro wouldn't mind being invisible.
Ichiro: Hot dogs and pizza.

7. You're so popular in Japan, you had to get married in Los Angeles to avoid the paparazzi. Do people recognize you here yet?
Ichiro: Some people. But in Japan, the media invaded my privacy so much. They would even watch me go to the haircut place or the restaurant. Then they would interview the people at the haircutters.

8. How does the traffic in Seattle compare to Kobe?
Ichiro: In Kobe, the traffic isn't that bad. But if you compare it to traffic in Tokyo? -- that's bad traffic.

9. If you have one last meal to eat, what do you want?
Ichiro: Three foods. The tongue in Kobe, the sushi in Tokyo and the steak in Tokyo.

Kobe Bryant
We'll take the steak or sushi in Tokyo over the tongue in Kobe, thank you.
10. There are rumors that a Japanese magazine would pay $2 million for a nude photo of you. How much would they have to pay for you to pose voluntarily?
Ichiro: I would do it if the people who take the photo, if the people who yank my leg and invade my privacy, if they would disappear.

10a. You mean you would do it if they would stop writing about you and following you?
Ichiro: No, if they would disappear from the planet.

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