What's hot, not for 2003
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Continuing a six-year tradition, we update the annual "What's Hot, What's Not" List just in time to keep you ahead of the trends for what will be hip and what will be passé in 2003.

For a complete look at what will be in for 2003 and what's so last year, check out the list below:

The Sixth Annual "What's Hot, What's Not List" Year-In-Preview: 2003
Category Hot (for '03) Not (so '02)
NFL renaissance city L.A. Houston
Sport to train toddler in Rodeo Golf
Athlete must-have Personal GPS X Box in car
Farewell tour The Mailman The Dream
At-bat music Any Pharrell Williams Nouveau hard rock
Off-field, -court headgear Foam 'n' mesh hats Visors
MLB jersey
Garish retro

Contraction teams
NBA personality Hubie Brown Charles Barkley
Ride Benz tank Navigator
Clipper None left Q Richardson
NBA talent pool Eastern Europe D-League
City that deserves more pro teams Vegas, baby Charlotte
Football fan nuisance Postgame crowd-control Mugging for TV cameras
World Series we'd like to see Cubs-Red Sox Bay Area brawl
College football frosh to watch
Chris Leak

Maurice Clarett
Endorser (male)

Endorser (female) First Augusta member Williams Sisters
Must-have NFL jersey Byron Leftwich Aaron Brooks
College football feel-good story

Young NHL talent
Marian Gaborik

Jarome Iginla
Gutsy Stanley Cup prediction Senators vs. Avalanche Red Wings vs. Flyers
Obligatory Anna Kournikova reference Calendar star Actual tennis ability
Good idea that just needs tweaking Virtual manager Virtual stadium signage
Catch phrase "Ya heard?" "Holla"
What older athletes do Retire Hold on
Notre Dame game plan Give Willingham an extension Never wear green jerseys again
Fascinating college-hoops freshman Matt Walsh (Florida) Scott May (UNC)
NBA groupie Tyra Whoever Nash is dating
Coaching PR blunder Agree to all-access show Engage opposing player
Sweet scientist Mike Tyson Arturro Gatti
Olympics-inspired NHL fix Shorter games Larger rinks
Hart Trophy consideration Joe Thornton Jaromir Jagr

NBA record to beat Career scoring total Career scoring average
Trade bait Vince Carter Darius Miles
College-football recruiting need Innovative drum major Tough running back
QB skill Mobility Arm strength
Scrappy underdog Spurrier's No. 2 QB Marc Bulger
Hoops progeny DJ Strawberry Mike Dunleavy
Female hotties play Golf Tennis
Heisman qualifier Two-way player West Coast bias
Anthem singer Mariah Avril
Stadium givaways Mini-goalposts ThunderStix
Facial hair Mutton chops Thick line around jawbone
Baby name Matsui Ichiro
NFL prospect
Brad Smith

David Carr
L.A. place to be seen USC games Lakers games
Serena style

Tennis stud
James Blake

Andy Roddick
BCS complaint Media poll Computer polls
NBA on-court accessory Lower-leg sleeve Wrist sweatbands
Jerseys-as-fashion Retro look, current player names Retro look, old player names
Hip cameo role Rap videos "Arli$$"
Boston bachelor Theo Epstein Tom Brady
Women's soccer diva Heather Mitts Mia Hamm
WNBA savior Sheila Lambert Jackie Stiles
Racing hero Sara Fisher Tony Stewart
Argentina Rebounding economy Rebounding margin
Non-Tiger golfer Phil, phinally Rich Beem
Pitching duo K-Rod/Percival Johnson/Schilling
Hoops skill Dribbling Passing
Fashion faux-pas Unbuttoned shooting shirt Untucked jersey
"Can't-miss" NBA rookie
Amare Stoudemire

Nikoloz Tskitishvili
Actor as athlete Tom Cavanaugh Bow Wow
Basketball kicks Air Force 1s Anything with a zipper
Biggest attraction in Texas

End-zone celebration "Fun Bunch" retro Sharpie-quality creativity
TV ratings bonanza High-school hoops High-school football
MLB champs
Yankees return

Angels repeat
Real NBA Finals Kings-Mavs series Kings-Lakers series
NFL champs
Raiders' consistency

Patriots' emotion
University of Miami football


Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "What's Hot, What's Not" trend-spotting list appears Thursdays.



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