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Julian - Entertainment Producer

Julian's Chat

Favorite sport: College football

Favorite team: University of Michigan

Favorite athlete: Williams Sisters (both)

Your greatest athletic achievement: Scoring a basketball on the NBA 3-point line

Pet Peeves: People who are late

Why should we root for you? I'm needed, I'm the peacemaker. I keep the peace among my teammates who are bickering.

Why will we root against you? Because I don't know much about sports

When you saw the list of 40 tasks, which did you think would be the easiest? Getting a tattoo of my favorite team.

Which task did you think you had no chance of doing? Getting inside a prison and playing hoops with the inmates.

Halfway through the game, if you were offered a toothbrush, a ham sandwich or a clean pair of undies, which would you take? A toothbrush.

What is the hardest part of this show? Begging for food. Just begging in general. I had to much pride to beg.

What comfort did you miss the most? A sure place to sleep, like my bed.

Most embarrassing moment of your life (not of this show): I fell in front of my classmates, in a lecture hall, as a freshmen in college.

Which of your character traits is most likely to get you in trouble during the game? Blatant disregard of the rules.

Do you expect to get a lot more dates after this show? Yes, because it will increase my profile in Los Angeles. People will notice me from the show.

What have you done in your life that you would compare this experience to? A few days behind the county jail for DUI. The show was more difficult than prison - at least you get three free meals a day in jail. But you didn't know if you will get any food during the show.

Of begging, borrowing and dealing, which is your strong suit? Borrowing, I could borrow a cell phone, a cigarette, etc.

Hobbies: Karaoke. I love to travel and go club hopping too.

Favorite TV show (Sucking up to ESPN is allowed but not encouraged): American Idol

What's the longest you've ever gone without eating? 3 days

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