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Season Finale Summary
We catch up to Team Cobi, just one task from completion but still stuck in Nowhere, Wyoming, on the side of the road with no gas and no one around for miles. Just before Juliet's sister's cell phone dies, she makes the call to AAA, which eventually tracks them down and bails them out with a little gasoline. The team then heads further west but gets a call from Team Contact while in Salt Lake City.

Team Contact apparently has been busy completing its seventh task, thanks in large part to Aubrey's legwork. She sets them up at Mickey Mantle's restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma, with WWLS radio and the team spends the segment talking sports, thereby finishing Task #4 and narrowing the lead to 9-7.

Tony, being the consummate ladies man (yeah, sure), makes friends with the hostess, Sabrina. He is clearly flirting with her and it works as she agrees to house the team for the night. Meanwhile, Aubrey and Katie are bickering again and Katie's sharp words spawn tear time once again for Aubrey.

To celebrate its completed task, the team stays to party that night. Sabrina quickly wises up to Tony's motives and leaves the bar with another guy, stranding Team Contact for the evening. They finally get a place to stay and head to Albuquerque, New Mexico, before the show's producer brings them to a grinding halt. It's host Rich Eisen on the cell with news of Team Cobi's triumph.

The victors decided on tattoos for their final task, each getting ink on their feet or ankles. Once in San Francisco, the team faces one last hurdle in getting to the former island prison. The ferry to Alcatraz is only open to the public and the team is not allowed to finish when the tourists are there. They need to take a private boat, the only one allowed to dock at the island, one that costs $275. The owners won't bend on the cost and the team is forced to sleep in the waiting room, causing tears from a distressed Kelli, while Juliet's friend drives in from Sacramento to buy them tickets. Finally they take the boat and reach their destination, winning the game and the tickets.

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